Attn Wii Modders (madden)

I was playing my backup copy of Madden 2010 (the copy I bought was stolen I assume) and it appears I can play online.

I have the wii connect 24 turned off. Is it safe to play games online? If so we should set up some games. Also, if anyone has played, is there any way to use the game cube controller? I am guessing the thieves also stole the instruction manual!

are you using the usb loader or burning discs and using the backup loader?

I am burining disks and using the backup loader. With the error 003 fix all of the games play so far.

^^serious pain the ass having to install a new cios everytime you want to play a different game.

Im having the same problems

using the usb loader isnt worth it imo. Just burn the games, get the gator backup launcher version 0.3 and get the 003 fix, and always force ntsc. Every game works so far.

heres a list of the games it works with, and the fix needed if one is needed at all. It's really simple.

if you get the cios right you never have to change it. There are several how to's out there.

follow these steps to get the right cios