attn WII owners!!will you buy WII 2???

we all know nintendo is coming out with WII 2 in the next year but im many of you that own a Wii are going to buy a WII 2??im not going to..they are really going to have to do things differently, more big name games, make online better etc not falling for the gimmick again...

will you?

I'd have to see the system and games first, but I've had every system since the N64 so the chances are good.

Depends on the price at launch.

I buy Nintendo systems to play their own internally developed games. The low price has always made this an easy choice, but if they go for a high price point I will have to pass.

Nintendo needs to give up their foolish dream of ever having lots of third party support. That only happened in the past because they were the only game in town with the NES, third parties had no choice but to bow to Nintendo control.

SNES vs Genesis saw most also make games for Genesis, and then of course after that third parties largely said fuck you to Nintendo and only made games their platforms as an after port to get more cash.

Nintendo has done the best, with NES, and Wii and DS, when they go for themselves. Trying to court third parties, with N64 and Gamecube, led to their worst selling systems.

 Credible Rumors:

- New console using a R700 AMD GPU [CVG]

- Also using a TriCore PPC similar to the one in X360 [CVG]

- Minimum of 512MB RAM [CVG]

- 25GB Optical Disc & 8GB of on-board flash [Kotaku]

- No built-in HDD included, SD card dependent [Kotaku]

- Controller has a 6.2" touchscreen on it [Kotaku]

- Controller also has the standard set of controls & buttons (d-pad, dual analog, 4 face buttons, 2 shoulders & 2 triggers) [Kotaku]

- Controller also has a camera & gyros/accelerometers [Joystiq]

- Backwards compatible with Wiimote

- More powerful than PS360 (significantly or just a tad bit is undefined) [Game Informer/IGN]

- Production starts as early as October 2011 [Fudzilla]

  Reasonable Rumors:

- Devs have had dev kits since sometime last year (just after E3 2010) [Edge]

- Rockstar has something to show (GTA V?) & so does Retro (DKCR2?) [01net][Fudzilla]

- Possible name for system is Stream [IGN]

- $350-$450 price point [IGN]

- Optical Disc is Blu-ray based []

- Launch date June 2012 [01net]

- No Friend Codes [1UP]

- IR sensors in the controller

- Size of original X360 & resembles modern SNES [IGN]

- Backwards compatible with Wii, GameCube [My Nintendo News]

  Wild Rumors:

- Trackpad on back of controller [Juegos DB]

- Haptics & Vitality Sensor built into controller [Loading]

- Retro's game is Eternal Darkness 2 [Zelda Informer]

 Things Confirmed:

- Nintendo to work with an outside company to help build better online [Wired]

Originally Posted by Satoru Iwata:

In the field of networks in particular, however, I admit that we cannot do business in pace with the changes in the world and the requests from consumers only within our company and with development companies we have long been in touch with. I am not sure which term suits us as collaborations for this purpose, [mergers and acquisitions] or partnership.

- Nintendo working closely with 3rd parties to bring games to Nintendo platforms.

- System will support High Definition graphics (1080p assumed)

- System will not launch on or before March 31st, 2012 [NCL]

Yup I'd buy it for Zelda alone Phone Post

Gotta wait and see what its all about. Next box is coming soon after and will likely blow it away. I do love Nintendo and their first party games, curious to see what they unvail at E3


I'm just happy for a new gen to start, even if it's not a big leap. I think Nintendo is gonna go for the throat and finish Sony off. They will be the perfect counterpart for MS. I hope they go for a less serious, but still quality and fun experience. The wii was less serious and fun, just not quality. MS can be have the serious hardcore system. No point in having 2 systems going after the same audience like Sony and MS have been doing.

Will I fuck. My wii has sat for years gathering dust. Phone Post

 I'll know when they release skyward sword. If it is made with a classic controller option, i will love Nintendo long enough to drag me into buying their next console.

I have the Wii but barely play it because of the Kinect. Phone Post

Yup I always buy just to play zelda and mario games including mario kart! But really I only play games on PC so once I beat those games the system just sits around to newer onces come out. If they come out!

^^i dont even play Zelda games anymore...i will say the Mario galaxy games are fun though..Mario Kart Wii was ok and the Mario Party 8 game was disappointing..

Nope. The Wii was fun, but didn't have a lot of replay value. I am guessing the graphics of the follow up will be maybe as good as the PS3 (which I already have) or possibly even slightly better. But not nearly enough to make me care enough to buy it. I will probably also skip the PS4 and xbox 720 (or whatever they call them). I don't need every generation of console.

preston1287 -  Nintendo will always be considered " the family gaming console " IMO. They need to get some better titles in there line up, like some good ole first person shooter games..... Phone Post
Yea, like that call of duty series everyones talking about. Lol.


modded wiis are great, little media player basically and mario for the mrs

They have only shown tech demos, I wont decide to buy a WiiU until there is a game I really want.

Ill be playing Battlefield 3 until then though! That game will be sick.

My Wii just collects dust atm. Although my 11 year old nephew is in town right now so it's getting some use. The wife and nephew are killing it in some Donkey Kong.