Attn Wildman

Yo Thomas, Its Gabriel from Millennia. Could you drop me an email at

All others could you please TTT?

Wildman, I'm writing an article on your opponent at the KOTC match (Renaud). I'd like to include your comments...this will be a front pager in our sports section and I'm hoping to introduce MMA in positive light to a mainstream audience.

hit me up at

Jason Probst
Roseville Press-Tribune

TTT for the Wildman to respond & for the fake seizure.

ttt... also need to get ahold of wildman... email me at

Thanks, Eric



Hey Godzilla which school is Javy teaching at? I called the number for the La Habra school and message said something about vitor belfort??? Is Javy still doing open mats? My brother wants to roll with him at least once during the summer.

Gracie Girl


Javi is teaching at the La Habra studio at night. The classes start at 7:30. They roll freestyle on Wed., and all othere days they roll with the gi.

ttt for gabe. Gabe, are you fighting our buddy soon??

ttt for Gabe


The Wildman


Apple, apparently Colin doesnt want RAZOR to fight me right now, hmmmmmmmmm