Attn: Wiley

Hey Jay!

Are you still getting married this summer in Newfoundland? I'm looking foreward to visiting Newfoundland for the 1st time, but I need dates and times and such.

Shoot me an email:

We will discuss some of the finer points.


Glad to see Wiley is taking advantage of same sex marriage. You two will be super happy I bet. You both seem so nice.


tu-che Dougie!

I'm right behind you beside you guys supporting you all the way!


Here's some friendly advice. Stay away from the screech. that shit will peel paint. I've been to a newfie wedding and was forced to do 2 shots and that shit raised my body temp by a few degrees to say the least.

They make you kiss fish after you drink it too!

LOL @ dougie


The date is Sept.16/06 Stephenville, Newfoundland. I am hoping both you and Patrick can attend as well as dates.

You have to fly into Deer Lake and then drive to Stephenville, though there might be a ferry which goes right to Stephenville from NS.

Link to the hotel

I will get more info from Jen and post it in a little bit (few hours).


At least I think it was a fish...I was pretty might have been my ex-girlfriend.