Attn wine experts

I have come across a bottle of Pommard-Rugiens 1928. Can't seem to find an aproximate value on it. Any ideas? Should I use it for salad dressing?

I don't know enouh about wine to fully appreciate an 80 year old bottle of wine. My neighbour, who was a Sabre jet pilot back in the day, has developed Alzheimer's, and his daughter was clearing out a bunch of stuff from his house. Seemed like a shame to have that go out in the garbage, so I rescued it. Only reference I can find is someplace in Germany with a bottle for sale for over $600.00.

I agree, just drink it. Enjoy it and let us know how it was.

I would just keep it as a souveneer of a bygone era. I doubt it kept well, so I doubt it tastes good. I think the value is more as an antique than a good wine.