Hey I heard Red was in a car accident. Does any one know if he is o.k.?

Red was suppossed to fight Ron Faircloth at the Freestyle Combat challenge on January 10th.

For people who do not know Red he is an up and coming fighter. He has good submission combos and awesome transistional skills.

Anyway Red, I hope to see you back in action soon.

Hope Red is Ok, good guy.


Hey guys, it is not as bad as it sounds. I got smacked by an old granny in the mall parking lot. I even shin checked the car. Thought I just got a bad bruise. The bruising went away but it still hurt like a bitch, so I went to the doctor. I have a hairline fracture in my leg.

Only hurts now when I bump it, which happens alot when your drunk on new years. Said I am not supposed to run on it for a few weeks to let it heal, so I hope I can start grappling again in 2 or 3 weeks.

Worst part is I was busting my ass for this fight. Thanks to the guys that helped me train, sorry. I'll be back.

I was walking, ahole. I see Royce listened to you Chooch. Screw the flowers, send video games and porn. Sux not training.


That is funny because I always thought rolling with you was like getting hit by a truck. In a rematch I've got you winning with rear axel lock.

Get well soon buddy!

Bill Krieg

I agree with Bill 100% Man red you had me all worried - I had my Bible study praying for you and everything cuz we thought you were seriously injured - damn now to find out that its not that bad :) Very happy to hear you are better than I thought!


I havnt seen pat o'malley on here in a while but if any of you know him please send him my regards and let him know it was great meeting him and hes a class act all the way.