ATTN: Wisnewski

Can you please e-mail me your phone number so I can talk to you about an upcoming fight.

my e-mail is

Talk to you soon,
Nick Thompson

Here's my contact info:

Keith Wisniewski
(219) 762-6998

I'll drop you an e-mail as well.

Can anyone believe that Keith is still talking about fighting after his last two months.

Keith, you might want to let your body rest a little...

However you are on a roll right now...

I can believe it.... He is a very bad man


if i had not met shelby in person I would begin to think that shelbygirl was actually a name that Kieth used to post about himself

ah, im just playin. Keith is sweet balls and deserves all the porops he gets. Although I still think I can drink him and shelby under the table combined.

Keith when are you coming to Indy?

Maybe next week, I'll drop you a line in the next few days. I have to make up a military drill in the next few weeks, so I'll definately come train while I'm in the area.

Never feel you can drink a Polack under the table. Our veins are pure vodka, course mine is Belvidere.

what i meant to say, Is I can drink with him and we'll do it under a table