ATTN: Wolves fans!!!!!!!

Welcome to HELL!!!!!!! It's gonna get ooglay for Minnie when they get to Arco. :)

2 and 0 in 04 my friend

The Kings are gonna be all up in that ass like KG's hand on Melo's beanbag!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

"2 and 0 in 04 my friend"


Correct me if I'm wrong as I am only going on memory and didn't look it up but I do believe Wolves went 2-0 at Arco and 3-1 overall vs Sac this year. And they are the second best road team in the NBA.

Translation: I'm not worried.

BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! That's what I thought wasabi, glad to hear you're not worried, cause now it's the playoffs, and you're about to realize the difference between Arco in the regular season, and Arco in the post season.

Welcome to your first ever second round road games.

aka, Welcome to your doom!!!! :)

Prepare to be owned biaaaaaaaaaatch.

You wish!!!!!! *buys lube just in case*

after all the talk of arco arena during the playoffs, the kings lose, ahahahahhaha

F'd in the A.