Attn: Wombat

Have you seen this website yet?

Who would create such a thing?

I saw Wombat crying when Melrose Place was cancelled.


They cancelled Melrose Place? Those bastards.

Hey Dogfight, check out this website

There does not appear to be any such website . . . are you sure you have the url correct?

Hm. It might be ...

Some humour in dark times. very nice. dogfight, is you comin to winnipeg this x-mas.

i think i figured a way to pass your gumby guard but it involves a chainsaw. i'm sure it will work.

Fever - I will be in the peg in about 10 days. I will be sure to pack my kevlar, chainsaw-proof gi. Rev up yer motors.

ps. I have abandoned the guard for top position. As my good friend & training partner Benito sez "only whores and mechanics make a living on their backs"


LMAO at whores and mechanics.

10 days huh. i was gonna take december off. i'll have to rethink that now.

December off? I haven't seen u in like 4 months....

Don't let everyone in on my secret training methods. I call it the "Way of Training Without Really Training"

U and Curtis have a PHD on that!!!


Like Dogfight's not a whore.

which reminds me . . . where's my $$$ van ?

I've got an IOU with your name on it, Dog.

Dogfight check yo email