ATTN: Xbox live players!!!

Any of you ever play with or against "the dirty dozen"???

I don't have an Xbox, and always bickered with my boy about whatever we could, but now he's gone, and they've got something going on on their website that I never checked. I'd watched him play and talk mad legit shit too many times to remember, lol, fucking shit. I've fought off the tears for most of today, but it's hard as hell. I've got a thread on the OG in case anyone gives a fuck, here's a link to their website, that Dave was the foundation of imo. Mofo talked shit online as if he was right in your face, I would sit there laughing and watching the games. heh

Here's a link if anyone cares.

lol, DZNUTZ was his xbox name, and David was no fucking joke. RIP my friend :*(