ATTN: Yanks. Michael Johnson

Dunno if you boys know this but Michael works for the BBC, has done for the past 10 years or so, doing the Athletics every week and he is facking awesome.

He brutalises our athletes when they under perform but he's rational, concise and intelligent. He is great on TV.

He just laid into our 4x400 relay team while they were all tired and wanting a pat on the back for being shitty, he reserved his most brutal verbal beatdown for Micheal Bingham who is a yank representing us, apparently MJ used to managed him in the states and he just tore him a new one for running a shitty leg.

We used to dismissed our patheticness and even celebrate it, then MJ came along, like a fucking wreckingball of truth.

Top bloke. Phone Post

Works for the big black cocks?

Yeah man, he's my favorite track athlete ever

I heard him announcing during the Olympics for the BBC and he really sounded great. Unlike most of the other announcers, he (a) knew what he was talking about, (b) directed the appropriate amount of praise and/or criticism (rather than just heaping praise like everyone else). And he seemed really excited for the athletes when they did well. (Compare that to Carl Lewis being a twat about Usain Bolt.)

I really like that he has turned into such a good announcer