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Can you watch this from 00:30 to 05:16

I was quite struck by the born again passage between Nicodemus and Jesus when Erhman says that onothan (sp?) cannot be retroverted from Greek back into Aramaic in this instance. Have you ever heard of this difficulty before?

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have to watch later. Got to go to work in five minutes. Dan

I think more is made of languages than is really needed. It perhaps is a ficticious story between nicodemus. Palestine was a trilingual area. aramaic, greek and some latin ( begrudginly because it was the language of rome).

When looking at the Gospel of John, you can see it is blatantly different in language and thought than the synoptics. I believe John is using jesus as a teaching model to reach a hellenic audience. Perhaps jesus had teaching on being born twice and John reconstructed it to make sense to a greek speaking audience.

Thanks Dan.

in the time that the "sefers" were written that were translated into greek there was now word "author" the concept of an author is a more modern concept from the paradigm of a literate culture. at that time all writing was done by administrators/burocrats.

what ??

people that had something to say in the first years of christianity said it verbally. they didnt just write a book or a scroll. the dudes that jesus picked up on fishing boats didnt write.

what dont you get?

The statement you made is partially incorrect. I guess you are new here eh ?