ATTN: Zombie Prophet

 You fucking rock. 

 Let me elaborate, you're an awesome contributor to the internet.  Not just this site, but, a couple others I frequent.  Between you and Pro Ice I have watched more MMA in the past few months than ever in almost 20 years of watching.


Thank you.

 Quality contributor IMO.


 Fuck yeah, Zombie does rock 

You can always count on him having the latest fights up before anyone else

Thanks again Mr. Prophet


 TTT fo ZP!


 Yeah,Pro Ice is up there also.

Valuable members.


suess -  ZP and PI are both quality dudes. 

Tom, how's married life?

 Pretty much exactly the same as normal except I have to remember to say "My Wife" when referring to her.

TTT for ZP to see this.



Ttt Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post