ATTN: Zuffa Production Team

Stop adding cheering sound bytes to past UFC fights on Unleashed. If you insist, at least put some effort into it. Why add a cheering sound byte when there is a no action ground game going or a boring stand up. It's not even remotely believable to people who haven't even seen the fights before. Not to mention you use the same sound byte over and over again, how the fuck does the whole stadium keep the same tune?

Shape up!



yeah i picture dana doing all the sound editing himself. indeed the cheers are very poorly done.

also expect dana to VTFD

They dominate the market but put crap out like this...

K-Dub-"T" -  LMAO.  They do this shit with the Best Of Pride shows as well... when any common sense fan (read: non '09 or '10ers) knows the Japn crows were pretty silent.

 Hey buddy, enough of this hate mongering.  Not all of us are retarded.

But do tell me more about this silent Japn crow ...

Im kinda curious about the Silent Japn Crows myself.... lol