ATTN: ZUFFA-Request for Fan Expo 2013

As MMA moves quickly onto the world-stage and earns itself notoriety and legitimacy among those who used to say they'd never touch it (Mainstream media) I feel that it is important to not forget those who helped to make the sport what it is today. My proposal as a fan to ZUFFA is that for the next UFC Fan Expo, there be an area, table or booth that pays homage to those UFC fighters of days past who were inside the octogon when nobody cared.

I have been to each UFC Fan Expo in Vegas, 2009, 10 and 12 and each year, the event seems to get bigger and bigger. There are more fan-friendly events, more fighter-fan interactions, and more chances to go home with a bag full of free stuff. During the 1st fan Expo, there were many hiccups but it was an overall outstanding experience. At this time, there was actually a PRIDE booth specifically for those fighters who had come over from Japan. During the 2nd Fan Expo, that went away. However, Ms. Kim Couture even had her own table. (what can I say)_UFC Legends? Nowhere to be found. During the 3rd LV Expo, which was part of the newly announced International Fight Week, the event was bigger and better than ever. However, something is still missing from these events and that is again, the area or booth that pays homage to those who paved the way. Many of these guys had relatively short careers overall but still left their mark in their own individual way.

I would like to propose for next expo, which is now about 7 months away, that the UFC do somethign to bring together those men who have been all but forgotten and give the fans an opportunity to meet them in a single location. Guys from the pre-Zuffa era such as Rutten, Randleman, Pat Smith, Maurice Smith, Marco Ruas, Severn, Royce, the list goes on and on. I truly do not know how this would work out logistically or if its even possible but I truly hope that at this next Expo it is a possibilty. Remember, these are not guys of Twitter or Facebook page that you can just reach out and touch as much as the fighters of today. They have disappeared (most of them) into relative obscurity. In every other sport, the legends are honored and not forgotten. Why not in MMA as well?

If you're a big fan of those who paved the way, show some support so that maybe we can get the attention of the higher ups and make something happen. Even if there were just a table with Bas, Royce, Dan S. and Don Frye, that would be awesome. The fan Expos have been great, but I think that one thing they have really been missing is the fighters of the past.

Any thoughts? Feel free to comment. If you think this is a stupid idea, thats cool too.

I think that's a great idea. If also like to see a pride section with old Pride stars. Phone Post

I wonder if Dana would bring in Fedor for the Fan Expo to make some appearances and all that jazz.



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I think that's a great idea. If also like to see a pride section with old Pride stars. Phone Post


During the first expo they actually did have a PRIDE table but it was the only time I can remember. Royce was there and Gary Goodridge was walking around as well