Attributes of Awareness

Many people who carry weapons (blades, firearms, martial arts) are very aware of the "situational awareness" needed in street situations.

How often do you practice your Situational Awareness and how? Has it ever saved you? Failed you? Stickgrappler had some good stories a while back, but let's everyone sound off.

I don't have any good stories, probably because the situational awareness worked. I have had funny feelings sometimes about some people, like bad vibes... maybe because of where they are standing, how their posture is, changes in their attitude when they see me, etc.

I avoid going into situations that I get those bad feelings from when I can. If I can't, I go right to condition yellow and get ready for a fight. This way when something happens instantly, my body is at least somewhat prepared.

So far, so good, but I'm sure I've been lucky.

Also... almost forgot. Situational awareness has saved my ass MANY times in traffic. There are some really, really bad drivers in Phoenix. I think if you automatically suspect everything as a threat, it becomes second nature.

I work situational awareness every day! I transport alot of prisoners and it never fails to freak them out when you see the telltale signs of aggression coming and look over and say "Probably not the best idea you have had all day." Never fails to produce the "What? Who me?" question but it solves the problem before it gets to far along.

Mush like the previous recountings, I dont have any cool stories since the awareness level keeps me out of trouble. However while at work, I have ot act upon the awareness and actually investigate the odd things I sense. This has led me to pulling guns, knives, dope etc off of people. Its also led to more than a few interesting encounters.


Much like the answers above. If my subconscious
tells me something is wrong I try to get away
before things go bad. My Pastor, on the other hand,
likes to tell a tale about when he was helping in a
fast food restaurant and went to the back door at
closing time to dump garbage. He says that before
he opened the door he had this awesome feeling
of "don't open the door", he opened it anyway and
two guys were standing there with masks and
guns and shoved him back inside and robbed the


Situational awareness has become so ingrained in me that I often don't realize that I'm practicing it.

I've often had my wife, friends and acquaintances tell me that they've noticed that I'm always scanning my surroundings even though I, myself, don't realize I'm doing it.

Consequently, that "sixth sense" that results from being "situationally aware" has kept me out of a lot of potential trouble.

I have had a couple girl friends comment that I constantly scan areas. This comes from being aware, and teaching, you get use to looking around and seeing wht is going on in a room that you are in chrge of.

I have talked to a couple people about the martil arts when they find out Im involved, Ill be doing something and look up to see that they are giveing me that look. Then I say ":Your dieing to find out what I can do" they stop for a few seconds shocked I could read it then say "Well, you dont look like the type"

Im sure Law Enforcement people see that look in peoples eyes all the time.

one exercise i got from peyton quinn's BOUNCER'S GUIDE TO BARROOM BRAWLING: everyday check your surroundings and notice the details. next day, see what has changed.

i always scan environment be it street, subway, while driving, in a restaurant, even at home with the kids running around, ...

for now, i know i'm consciously doing it. i did not get to the point where it's unconscious, but it's a start.

Stick - Keep it up and soon you'll have mad ninja skills yo. :)

ninja, please. me with mad ninja skillz, yo? :-)

When it comes to awareness there are a number
of ways to train but it also comes down to:

"Have you set up your personal boundries"???

You do not want to be making desicions from
behind the power curve. So it's not always a gut
feeling about a situation it's a black and white,
preformulated agreement with yourself about
what's allowed and what's not.


I was wife my family in Ventura, Ca for a two day
visit a few months ago. One night I went into a
liquor storw to buy a cheap shaving razor, about
9:30 pm. Family waits in the car. There was a bar
right next to the store and when I came out a guy
and a girl started yelling at me. they were saying
"hey, wait" and running at me. I was on the
passenger side of the car (with my gun in a fanny
pack over might shoulder sinched up tight) and I
stopped, looked behind me and then and grabbed
the zipper of the pack. I got into an interview stance
and yelled back "Stop, don't come any closer" They
stopped and looked like deers in the head lights.
They started talking again and I said "stay back,
don't come any closer". I then got in the car and we

Freaked them out, freaked my family out. BUT...

No one is allowed to come running up on me from
out of a bar at 9:30 at night, in an unfamiliar area,
with my family. This has nothing to do with a gut
feeling, it's just my rules. No thinking needed.

There have been several other things like this in
the past. This is the most recent. Awareness with
pre set boundries/responses is what I like to use
and teach.