Auburn Show Results

For those that missed the fight and want to know here you go.

1.Phillip Bohannon def Nick Sanders by Armbar
2.Anthony Dudley def Cody Ellison by RNC
3.Blake Pierce def Mark Howe by Armbar
4.Chris Payne def JD Grider by Decision
5.Jason Wilkins def Justin Thomas by RNC
6.Omar Cornado def Tracy Foote by RNC
7.Jamal Stewart def Jamie Jackson by KTFO!!!!
8.Pat Freed def Aaron Wilcox by G&P
9.Cory Hamrick def Rodney Johnson by G&P
10.Luke Reiter def Jason Southard by G&P
11.RC Hagans def Joeseph Dewberry by RNC
12.Mike Bradford def Milton Sistrunk by Ankle Lock
13.Nathan Jordan def Trey Howard by RNC
14.Joey Ferguson def James Stucf by ref stoppage due to cut over eye
15.Rodnay Woods def Corey Lay by KO

You are welcome......