Audit fuckery in PA

And there never will be, it seems.

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they stole it like a set of chrome 20s in South Dallas

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There is evidence this time. Abundant

still waiting for it to show up in a court room.

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not every airline has a crash every year, they still audit for compliance

i wasn’t sure how to answer that because of the way you phrased it. a crash with no fatalities is still a potentially fatal incident and a failure of a system worthy of audit. i wasn’t sure if you meant that or ongoing safety maintenance.

the point i went with is that aviation is far from perfect. there are crashes every year somewhere and the relentless pursuit of safety should be part of an airline’s MO. but not all systems require the relentless pursuit of perfection. sometimes, perfection is the enemy of good enough.

I’m hoping. Really am.

every airline is required to audit every year. it is mandatory

every vote should be audited period.

What about cars? Should we require citizens to audit their cars every year?

many states do, and the audit is done to ensure regulatory compliance, that is why we have traffic cops and highway patrol

The real evidence will be presented any day now!

Tick tock…

Thread is about PA. Go from there.