Auditions & MMA Camp - April 22nd

From the desk of Alex Caporicci


APEX Championship Fighting is proud to announce the inaugural "APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp". This incredible event is scheduled for the weekend of April 22nd and April 23rd at will be held at the luxurious Radisson Hotel in Toronto-Mississauga. The "APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp" will consist of a two day training camp for all fighters interested in stepping up and becoming APEX fighters and/or for athletes who are looking for an intensive training regimen with some of the world's best trainers. (It is not required that you apply to be a potential APEX fighter to participate in the training session, but if you do decide to simply train with some of MMA's greatest instructors, your MMA Camp will officially end on Saturday night. As a bonus, some trainers will be available for private sessions on Saturday and Sunday.)

On Saturday April 22nd, all participants will be split into groups according to their respective weights and experience. Each group will spend the entire day training with various world class trainers. APEX is proud to announce that Carlos "The Ronin" Newton and Everton "Coach E" McEwen have been named the first two trainers for the "APEX Auditions & MMA Camp". More trainers will be announced shortly.

Carlos Newton, a former UFC Champion and multiple-time Pride veteran, has had a storied career in Mixed Martial Arts. He has fought all over the world having battled some of the biggest names in the sport, like Matt Hughes, Pat Militech, Dan Henderson, Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba. Newton is known for his technical wizardry and exciting style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, called Dragon Ball Jiu-Jitsu. An excellent standup fighter with unparalleled conditioning, Newton brings the total package of skill and experience and has proven he has what it takes to be a successful MMA Champion.

Everton "Coach E" McEwan is one of Canada's most highly regarded boxing coaches. Some of the big names McEwan has trained are former UFC Champion Carlos Newton, former heavyweight champion Donavan "Razor" Ruddock, current Heavyweight contender Art "The Polish Warrior" Binkowski, and recently retired former world champion Syd 'The Jewel' Vanderpool

As someone who has trained with many of the best boxing trainers in the world, Vanderpool considers McEwan one the elite. In a Ringside Report Interview, Vanderpool stated "I've trained with many famous boxing coaches but Everton McEwan is by far the best I have worked with. Every time I go into the gym he is showing me new things. It's very rare to find a coach who can do that over such a long period of time. Most coaches give you the same routine over and over again and you can get stale very quickly. Not with Everton, he is easily the best out there."

Saturday's sessions will also involve a "Lunch and Learn" seminar with the highly acclaimed Dr. Paul Biondich. Dr. Paul is the personal nutritionist and chiropractor for some of Canada's top athletes including former boxing champion Syd Vanderpool and former UFC Champion Carlos 'The Ronin' Newton. Dr. Paul will discuss the real truth about popular sports supplements for MMA, explaining which supplements are detrimental to MMA athletes and which are highly recommended. Participants will also learn about the latest in injuring prevention, sports medicine treatments (for common injuries suffered by Mixed Martial Artists) and the biggest topic of all 'how to safely cut weight for a fight'.

Sunday's sessions will be an official audition for each participant who is interested in becoming an APEX competitor. This will involve some light sparring, ground work and recorded interviews. The interviews will be conducted by the voices of APEX, "Showdown" Joe Ferraro and Gabriel Morency. Fighters who impress during the "APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp" could potentially be offered multi-fight contracts by APEX Championship Fighting with at least two lucky participants being offered the chance to fight in the next APEX Championship Fighting event.

During the entire training camp, participants will be evaluated by their respective trainers as well as a large team of evaluators including legendary manager/promoter, Monte Cox (who will also be scouting for talent for all his shows in the Midwest). Other evaluators include "Showdown" Joe Ferraro, APEX Matchmaker Alex Caporicci, Canadian National Olympic Tae Kwon Do coach Florin Fratean, the APEX team and some soon to be announced special guests.


The cost for the APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp, per participant is $100.00 CDN and is non-refundable.This APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp cost must be paid by April 1st, 2006 to guarantee a spot in the training sessions.

The APEX: Auditions & MMA Camp will be taking place at the luxurious Radisson Hotel in Toronto-Mississauga. (All out of town participants are encouraged to stay at the Radisson hotel and will be given a special discount on their overnight accommodations. Please mention discount code APEXAPR21 to receive the room rate of $79 per night, a savings of 45%). Please book by April 9th to guarantee that a room will be available and please be aware that a credit card will be needed to reserve/secure your room.

The Radisson Hotel in Toronto-Mississauga is located at:
2501 Argentia Road,

Mississauga Ontario

L5N 4G8, Canada.

Reservations: (800) 333-3333

Be prepared to arrive at the hotel by 8am to register/sign in as all sessions will begin at 9am sharp. If you are late, you may not be allowed to participate in the morning sessions. Please bring a lunch as there will be a break for lunch during the day and a "Lunch and Learn" Seminar conducted by Dr. Paul Biondich.

Evaluations will occur on Sunday at 9am and last until approximately 2pm.

It will be required that every competitor MUST bring the following items to participate. (There will be no exceptions as safety is a priority)

Shin Guards
MMA Gloves
Boxing Gloves (16oz)
Groin Protector

Security: Please be aware that APEX Championship Fighting is not responsible for any of your items being broken, lost or stolen during the event. There will NOT be any security to guard your belongings, so it is strongly advised that you keep everything in a secure place or within plain site, to avoid any potential theft of your personal items.

It is NOT REQUIRED that you apply to be a potential APEX fighter to participate in the training session. If you decide to solely participate in the APEX MMA Camp, your day will end on Saturday night. (Some trainers will be available for private sessions on Saturday and Sunday).

APEX encourages athletes of all skill levels and experience to participate at this event. Whether you are looking to sharpen your MMA technique, make your MMA debut or have some MMA fights under your belt, this is an excellent opportunity for all competitors of all levels to come together and learn from not only the instructors, but from each other.

APEX shall have the rights, and may grant to others the right, to disseminate, display, reproduce, use, print, publish, and make
any other uses of Competitor's name, voice, persona, and likeness in connection with advertising, publicizing the Event and future events. APEX also has the right to use and authorize others to use the same in connection with the broadcast of all or part of the Event including all forms of media of advertising and publicity including home video cassettes, pay per view and DVD.

APEX Entertainment Group considers that combat sports such as Mixed Martial Arts present an inherent risk to the health and physical integrity of the participants. APEX wishes to warn the participants of such risks and that by participating in this training session, the participant clearly and explicitly accepts all risks associated with participating in the sport.


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