auditons for Discovery Ch. show

Hey All...

We will be conducting auditons this Sat. at the Rahway Recreational Center for an upcoming show for the discovery channel...

The show will be a 'Wild Boyz meets Martial Arts' series...they are looking for 2 fighters ages 18-35
-Must be articulate
-Must be charismatic
-Must have good fighting skills

We are looking for 2 guys to travel to different parts of the world to film...

Anyone interested in auditioning please contact me

Ed Hsu

You must be able to be present for the audition at the Rahway Recreational Center (also catch the Combat in the Cage-Rumble in Rahway)

I've already recieved quite a few calls and have just a few more spots open...

Does this mean we get to beat on the Wild Boyz in various locations around the globe? I would so love to pummel Steve-O in the Serengeti and leave him to the hyenas.

you have to be from your area?? how bout video auditions? any chance?

where's "Rahway"???

Ed good seeing u this weekend!

Good luck with this project...

Rahway is in NJ 


The concept is similar to the Wild Boyz... 2 Fighters will travel to different locations around the world and train in that countries MA system

Ex: Thailand-will study Thai Boxing and spar in a Thai boxing match with locals
-Russia, Sambo training...etc...

You can send in video tapes, however this Sat. the producer will be conducting the auditions personally...its always better to do it in person...

However, if you cannot make it to Rahway NJ this weekend, please forward your video tapes to me so I can present it to the producer this weekend

send tapes to :

GHK Promotions
455 Rt. 9 South
Manalapan, NJ 07726
attn: Ed Hsu

Isn't this pilot currently being shot? I thought they did casting a few
months ago in Los Angeles...

Sounds like a great idea for a show =]


Will you be holding auditions any other days? I'm from the area but I will be out of state that day.

Sounds very much like the swedish show "rallarsving" (rough translation "haymaker punch").

I look forward to seeing it.

again, you can send in tapes...we are offering the chance for you to audition in front of the main producer...


You should call it "Human Weapon"

Awesome concept for a show.

what kind of things should be included on the tape?


I too have been working with one the Production Assistants...I have a few guys that are also working on this...I think the concept is really cool from what I have been told so far...

Filming is to begin by the end of Summer...Good Luck to all that try out!

anyone got a good idea of what i should include, ill send it out tomorrow if i find out.

They want to see how you interact with the about yourself, your training, how the production would benefit from your involvement...also demonstrate your fighting abilities somehow...

Great thing about this audition is that theres a MMA event that evening!