August 13th- Chris Lytle "LFC"

Saturday, AUGUST 13th - Legends of Fighting Championship

Johnson County Fairgrounds - Franklin, Indiana

Main Event:

LFC 170 lb. Title

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle vs. Brian "Voodoo" Dunn

Feature Bout:

LFC 145 lb. Title

Joao "Pitbull" Herdy vs. Dan "The Hitman" Swift


Davion Peterson vs. Lance Patrick - 185 lbs.

Jake O'Brien vs. John LeBlanc- Heavyweight

Marc Bennett vs. Anthony Stevens - 185 lbs.

Nate Moore vs. Sean Sallee - 195 lbs.

Jeremy Wingler vs. Derrick Reed - 165 lbs.

Cory Mahon vs. Sam Becktell - 150 lbs.

Pat McPherson vs. Andy Dodd - 170 lbs.

Josh O'Brien vs. Ray Tucker - Heavyweight

Greg Lajoie vs. Matt Bibby - 165 lbs.

Paul Adams vs. Jason Warrum - 155 lbs.

Joe Williams vs. Dustin Reese - 205 lbs.

Troy King vs. Robin Johnson - 190 lbs.

Jon Tarrh vs. Gabe Holmes - 185 lbs.


Doors Open: 6:30 PM - Bouts Begin: 8:00 PM

Email for more information.


good to see Davion Peterson back in the ring



Its going to be a great night of fights...
Tony Ross

Get Lytle back in the UFC, damn it. Especially with the TUF guys coming in at 170, there are plenty of good fights for him.

lotta ECF guys

ttt... Good card all around, Kevin Blundell is looking to be a pretty solid (and exciting) up and comer.

Whats up Wisniewski. Any word on Bolt on your show?

I believe I have an opponent, I'll give you a call tonight while I'm here at military.

Keith Wisniewski



Mike Camp where have you been bro? Are you going to be at the show?


I'd like to see Lytle back in the big show again.

what up Tarrh. yep I'll be there. hopefully with a bang. Good work Keith.

It's good to hear from you. How is Leo doing?


This card will be fun. keith puts on a nice show. fights are first on his mind so you know you will get the best fighting in the area when you see his name on teh promoters spots.

ill be there refereeing and judgeing and having fun watch the fists fly.
good luck keith and chris!

"Voodoo" Dunn, glad to see you keeping this ttt. I look forward to meeting you out here. Let me know if you need anything.