August 29th Masvidal / Covington Trial Date Set

The upcoming trial is a result of an altercation which occurred between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington outside a Papi Steak restaurant. Covington was ambushed leaving the facility, suffering a fractured tooth and wrist abrasion, as well as damage to his Rolex watch. Colby alleges Masvidal ran up to him from his left and punched him twice in the face.

Jorge Masvidal was arrested two days later by the Miami Beach police and booked on March 23rd. Masvidal posted the bond of $5,000.00 and was subsequently released.
At a hearing today, Thursday, May 12th in Miami, Judge Zachary James of Florida’s 11th Circuit Court set a trial date of Aug. 29 in the aggravated battery case in addition to a docket hearing Aug. 17. Although Masvidal did not appear in court he was represented by his attorney Bradford Cohen.

A motion for the defense to inspect Covington’s watch, the center of a second charge of criminal mischief was granted by the Judge. The defense is claiming the alleged Rolex is not valued properly and that it is a “Frankenstein” watch.

The judge denied Bradford Cohen’s motion to subpoena third-party footage of the alleged incident (per MMAJunkie).

Another motion requesting past medical records and immediate evaluation was delayed to a further date as the defense is still working on the acquisition of emergency room records from the current incident.

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Show me the quotes where Colby said anything bad about Jorge’s family instead of Jorge.

Not the quotes from Jorge claiming this happened, the actual quotes from Colby.