August PDR People

Who are we?
Where is everyone from?
How about 2 words to describe your emotions going in to the weekend?

I'll start:

Hal - Engineer and Martial Arts Instructor
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Nervous and Excited


Are you alone!!! IS that desirable or less desirable? All eyes on you or a private lesson? Hmmm.

Actually, there are 24 registered for the course.


I am jealous damned jealous. Oh well the day will come when I make it happen and attend the training.

Private sounds FANTASTIC! A bargan at any price. Maybe I should have offered free beer?

Well Hal, I have bad new for you. I'm gonna be there to.

Worse, this is my second time around. Still, I'm really
looking forward to it. The first one was incredible, and I'm sure the second will be just as good.

BTW: My name is Jake Steinmann, soon to be from Boston,
and I'm really excited (two words, right?)

Welcome to the team!



I was able to attend the first PDR and I can tell you you are in for the time of your martial arts life. Tony is an incredible speaker and master teacher. Empty your cup my friend and enjoy!


Dear PDR Team #2,

I will be at the next PDR in August. I attented the first one last March and it was an incredible experience. For those of you who are making this their first session, I look forward to meeting you and training with you. The PDR is an important link to educating the martial art community. If any of you have any questions feel free to email me. Until we meet...take care and train hard.



We should get together. I live in New Hampshire.

Email me at


I would like to get a PDR reunion happening sooner than later in New Hampshire, Joe has an awesome facility [an airport is located very close and he's an hour from Boston]

My schedule is crazy so this would need to be after the summer. But we should plan for it.


Yes! Responses. I am up for a get together in NH in the fall. Joe, I drop you a line when I get on the home computer and am not "working". Thanks for the responses guys. I am eager for August now.


a reunion sounds great. I am still trying to wheel and deal my schedule so I can make it in August. To everyone who is on their way...Enjoy, you are in for a most eye opening weekend.


Hi everyone. I am also attending the PDR in August barring any unforeseen circumstances at the FLETC.

name: Charlie Moore
Lead DT instructor U.S. Marshals Training Academy
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Glynco, GA.

Looking forward to meeting , exchanging ideologies and training with everyone. Special thanks to Coach Blauer and his staff. In the short few months that I have been privledged to be involved in his system and to speak to him via the telephone I have grown in spirit, knowledge and ability in amounts I had never foreseen as possible. Thanks to Coach Blauer and all. Look forward to meeting all in August....Charlie

I am very excited to meet this team.

Pat Berter- Probation Officer in Illinois

Ready to train with this elite group. Very nervous and I am hoping to live up to expectations of Coach Blauer and the team. Until then, stay safe.


Look forward to training with you all. I am Josh Whitney a Probation officer From IL. See you soon.

Reunion sounds great! An hour from Boston is a perfect distance from me.
Joe...drop me an email. I'm living in Boston now, so maybe I'll jump up and we can train some weekend.


I am not financially prepared to get to a PDR, and no more loans to fund training like I did for Cement Friendly Groundfighting and SPEAR instrcutor with Tony, but if anyone in the New England area plans to do some weekend training or something PLEASE contact me!!

living in Connecticut and working like a dog while taking every LE test I can, need some training to keep me alive inside!! God Bless

Greetings PDR compadres

Tim Morenz, Probation Officer from Illinois excited to train with as time put it so well "an elite group"

Until then,

Happy training


Sounds awesome! It seems like we ought to be able to
get a little PDR network going here in the NE.
What about the rest of you new PDR folks? Where are you all?


I am currently in southeast Georgia but have in laws, family and friends in upstate NY and the Boston area. Count me in for a NE area PDR and let me assist in planning if you need any help...Charlie