tikmovado -

This was taken in the UK.
Proof of this?

It appears as though the cars are driving on the right hand side of the road, although they have to pull out to overtake the fat-cart so this is less clear.

More convincing is the billboard in the background. It is partially covered by the trees, but i think I have identidied it.  Having analysed the gif frame by frame, it appears to be advertising the store 'Battery Source'.  Compare the billboard to the logo:

Note the distinctive battery shape, the shade of yellow and slanting text.

Having identified the company, I researched the locations of its stores:

As you can see, there are currently only 15 stores, all in Alabama, Florida or Georgia.

Hence I think it is fair to conclude that the gif does indeed dipict AMERICANS.


 Lol, as if there are no fat slags in the UK. 

FREE GSTQ -  Lol, as if there are no fat slags in the UK. 

Nobody said there isn't chief.

Frobenius merely corrected the poster, and proved that sadly for you, they are American.

suess -  wanna know what you don't have?  WORLD CHAMPS BABY!  WAR AUJL!



More bad news for the UKTT

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