Aurelio /Morkevicius fight 2morrow

ZST is having an event tomorrow with the following fights w/ my picks. What are yours?

Marcus Aurelio vs Kotani: AURELIO by decision

Tokoro vs Morkevicius: MORKEVICIUS by KO knees

...Aurelio is coming off big wins by taking the 16 man ZST tourney a few months back. Kotani is one of the best fighters in ZST which should make for a good match. I read in an interview recently that Kurt Pellegrino beat Aurelio in a bjj match. It would be interseting to see a MMA rematch between the two. Pellegrino sounded like he wanted that to happen.

Morkevicius is said to have some of the nastiest knees in MMA having 7 of his 8 wins by TKO / KO.

Pellegrino agreed to fight Aurelio at the last Reality Fighting, I believe it's tentatively scheduled for Reality Fighting in July....

and Kurt didn't just beat Aureilio grappling, he owned him

This was a gi match correct? Did it end up submission or points? Also what belt is Kurt and Aurelio?

when are the Lithuanins (who are some of the hardest hitting fighters in the sport), gonna learn to defend subs better?

if Remigius had a black belt in BJJ i think he would have beat Marcus

Marcus Aurelio vs Kotani: Marcus by late sub.

Tokoro vs Morkevicius: Tokoro might pull the slight upset here, he's an amazing fighter that not many people know about. Mork is a crazy good striker though, so it's hard to call.

Oh BTW, if K-1 Max really had some brains .. they'd make Kid Yamamoto vs. Mork at 145 lbs, pure striking contest. Let's see how bad Kid really is, eh?

I believe it was no gi at one of the NAGA tournies....Kurt is a blue belt (or maybe a low purple), but an incredible wrestler

I saw Kurts takedowns and they are awesome. What are his wrestling credentials?

Kurt beat him in a no gi match. When Kurt competed against Marcus, Kurt was a blue, and Marcus was a black. Kurt also won the Pan Ams as a blue belt going un-scored upon. He's now a three stripe purple. A very tough one i might add.Tom D