Aurelio vs Gomi...who wins & how?

This is a tough one for me personally.....

I do think Gomi is awesome....but I think Aurelio is tougher than anyone that Gomi has faced....

Even though I am biased, I also think that with the ground game that Marcus has....he's dangerous as hell.

My pick....Aurelio (by Submission)

Gomi by boring decision...

I like Gomi but he ins't going to be able to effectively strike Aurelio from inside the guard.

I happen to agree with you on the fact that Gomi wouldn't be able to strike Marcus from inside.....

but boring decision?....Really?....

I think that would be a really exciting fight since both are super aggressive in the

Gomi can be aggressive as can Aurelio, but I think both will have to fight cautiously b/c they can play into the other's strength, i.e GNP from Gomi, and Subs from Marcus.

You're right about that one...for sure

But still think it would be a boring fight?....I just cant see it as boring

aside from being super technical, Aurelio is super big and strong

"I do think Gomi is awesome....but I think Aurelio is tougher than anyone that Gomi has faced.... "

Gomi beat Mishima who just beat Aurelio. Plus Gomi's fought BJ Penn.

Aurelio is great but I'm not sure if he can finish Gomi, considering how hard he has been to finish, let alone beat.

Goku and you do not even know the soap opera that Aurelio had to go through to get weight in.

"Gomi beat Mishima who just beat Aurelio. Plus Gomi's fought BJ Penn. "

No Mishima Kicked Aurelio's ass with G&P at Bushido if he can be g&P by Mishima i would hate to see what Gomi would do to him.

"No Mishima Kicked Aurelio's ass with G&P at Bushido if he can be g&P by Mishima i would hate to see what Gomi would do to him. "

I was meaning Mishima beat Aurelio. I thought the fight was close though. I havent seen it though. Just from the accounts I've read.

If Auerelio had trouble making weight against Mishima, whos' to say he doesnt against Gomi? (This is at 155 right?)

Jacketwrestler.....(by the way...Georgia Tech wrestling?)

I can see how the weight of 155 may look difficult for Aurelio, but Carlao is absolutely correct about "the soap opera" that Marcus went through to make weight & the total political ploy of Mishima's camp for Bushido 4....

(if you ever want to hear one of the most political things ever...let me know...It was a ploy that should be criminal)

But as his sponsor & friend...I can honestly tell you guys that Marcus makes 155 bullshit.

So under "normal" weigh in situations, and assuming that they both make weight...who do you like in that one?...and what do you feel would be the outcome?


Let's hear it SteinerWear.

GunjinX....Ok here goes

Marcus, ATT & PrideFC had agreed to fight Mishima at 73 kg (160 lbs)..when it was all said and done.

When Marcus arrived in Japan.....his weight was fine...around 164 (3 days before the fight)

The people from Pride greeted Marcus & ATT warmly, and then when ATT brought Marcus to the weigh in 3 days later(before his meal)....Marcus weighed in normally at around 73 kg (almost under weight)....No problem right?....They leave to go and eat.

He and ATT proceed to go for their post weigh-in meal....and like normal Marcus' weight goes up to around 170...maybe a little more

Mishima weighed in much later after Marcus did and Mishima's weight was light. His camp finds out that Marcus weighed in at 160 like they agreed to, and began pulling the ole..."We never agreed to fight him at 160...We agreed to fight him at 155"...(untrue)

ATT would NEVER have even left to Japan if there was a contract problem of any kind.....right?

So now here we are....3 am the morning the day of the fight(fight is at 4:30)...and the people from Pride knock on Liborio's hotel room and tell him that Marcus either comes down in weight to make 155 within 3 hours or Marcus doesn't get to fight.

So ATT suggested to Marcus..."Dont do'll have other opportunities here....You'll be exhausted"

After 30 minutes of discussion, Marcus said..."I dont care...I want to fight him at any weight he wants....I'll be ready in 3 hours"

So after 3 hrs of unsuccessful weight cutting to make 155....Pride (realizing their BS) gives Marcus 3 more hrs to weigh in at 155....

Finally at 9:30 am (the day of the fight) he makes weight at 155 and is visibly exhausted & dehydrated. He goes and eats & rests until they wake him to leave for Nagoya Hall to fight at 4:30 pm

Marcus puts on a super tough, gutsy, aggressive fight with endless submission attempts, and gets a (2 pt deduction) for a head butt. Then he proceeds to take big right hands from Mishima that almost closed his left eye and yet he keeps fighting like a PitBull. Marcus continues to put the heavy pressure on Mishima with right hands that sent Mishima reeling. Following the fight, Mishima was exhausted & Marcus was the fresher fighter.

Mishima ends up getting the split decision (both Jaanese judges had Mishima ahead by 1 point...American judge Matt Hume has Marcus winning a split decision)

This is one of many reasons why I sponsor and support Marcus Aurelio....I'm sure you guys can only imagine the political BS that he endured (with that BS smiling....We're so sorry...from Pride)& then put on a performance like he did...against one of the best lightweights in the world. You gotta love this kid.

SteinerWear will continue to support Marcus and all Team SteinerWear fighters regardess of win,loss or draw.

If doubting this....Ask anyone at ATT to attest to this story


Yes Goku.....truly remarkable....the kid has balls of steel

i saw him fight mckee. beautiful armbar from bottom to take his back. bummer he lost.

marcus is a killing will not make a living betting against him...

Good call Ultimo.....

His stand up is so under-rated...but he has extremely heavy hands...when he hits...he hurts people.

And....whoever comes to fight him better bring their A game....because Marcus is relentless.

i would love to learn more about marcus and his approach to jiu-jitsu