Aus Wrestling Cup Results

The third Australia Freestyle Wrestling Cup was held on Sat 15 May 2004 at the Victorian University of Technology in Footscray, hosted by the United Wrestling Club with the support of the Victorian Wrestling Association.

There were several competitors from grappling schools, which demonstrated the increasing prevalence of cross-training in wrestling.

Notable results for grapplers:
George Sotiropoulos (Hanger 4), Gold Senior Men 74Kg;
Trent Thiessens (Extreme), Gold Junior Men 74Kg & Silver Senior Men 74Kg;
Dominic Chavone (Extreme), Bronze Senior Men 84Kg;
Chris Shen (Extreme), Bronze Senior Men 96Kg;

One of the highlights of the competition was the Exhibition Match of Kamil Choleva (Slovakia) and George Sotiropoulos (Hanger4). They gave an impressive display of first class wrestling and a standard for our younger competitors to achieve.

Choleva was the standout wrestler of the meet winning the Senior Men 84Kg & 2 Exhibition Matches on superiority without loss of a point.

Thanks from the Extreme wrestling team to the United Wrestling Club & the Victorian Wrestling Association for warmly welcoming us into their community.

Thanks also from the Extreme wrestling team to our coach, Cris Brown and to Jack Thiessens for his cornering on the day.

Chris Shen

Well done guys

Do we have a freestyle team for the Olympics? If so, how is it selected?


Due to the changes in qualifications criteria, oceania no longer gets an
automatic representative in each weight class. Instead every country
must secure a spot in every weight class by having a wrestler place in
the top ten in the world championships from the previous year or
qualify at one of select other championships such as european etc.
The only representatvie this year will be Talgat, he was third in the
world as juniors and Sam Parker brought him over to Aus, last year I
think he placed 6th in the senior worlds and thus qualified for the
Unfortunetly this new selection criteria will make it more and more
unlikely for an Australian team in the future, killing off what little grass
roots development we had in place. Its quite sad that such a great
sport is suffering so badly considering the growing popularity of
grappling in OZ.

Man that sucks...

A terrible shame. Thanks for your answer.

Congrats to all the Extreme guys for another excellent performance.

Congratulations to all the BJJ guys who did so well, especially the Extreme guys.


Well done Chris and George!

Chris is that right? You wrestled at 96kg? I take it you've stopped dieting then?

Bull Neck, there were only 3 Extreme guys competing & 2 of us were in the same 84kg (74-83.9kg) class. Given I was the (relatively) more experienced competitor, I went up (at 83kg) to fight the big boys at 96kg (84-96kg). Bloody big weight divisions in wrestling!

I'm still maintaining my weight at 83kg for Shooto.

Also, thanks to all for the kind wishes/thoughts.

Chris Shen