Aussie police hose guy in his front yard

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Victoria Police command has acknowledged a public loss of trust in its officers' conduct after disturbing footage emerged of a disability pensioner being pinned down and in his front yard while officers took photos of him.

The incident, which was caught on the man's CCTV cameras, has triggered the latest crisis for Victoria Police amid growing concern and condemnation of its internal oversight processes.

"Victoria Police has no tolerance for poor behaviour within its ranks," Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius, who is acting head of Professional Standards Command, said today.

"We want people to have absolute confidence that when they make a complaint against police, it will be investigated thoroughly and with integrity.

"I acknowledge that there has been a diminution in confidence in our community in police complaint and accountability processes. It is clear to me that both Victoria Police and IBAC need to do more to recover that confidence."

Footage recorded by CCTV cameras outside the house of a disability pensioner known as John shows six officers pulling him out of his house, spraying him with capsicum spray and forcing him to the ground.

His calf is repeatedly hit with a baton while he is pinned down and an officer can be heard saying: "F***ing idiot, do you like that? Do you like that? Smells good, doesn't it?"

Police reportedly attended John's house in Preston, in Melbourne's northern suburbs, after his psychologist called 000 to say she was worried about his mental health.

At the end of the video one police officer sprays his face with a high pressure garden hose while another officer takes a photo on his phone and John wails curled up on the ground.

The incident occurred late last year.

Mr Cornelius today said the officers involved had not been stood down, but knew their behaviour was being "scrutinised" as the case has been referred to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission as well as five other cases of alleged misconduct brought to police attention over the pat week.

Publication of the footage by Fairfax today comes a week after IBAC found serious failings in internal police reviews of its officers' involvement in deaths and serious injuries.

The watchdog found half of the reviews completed in 2015-16 had failed to consider critical evidence including CCTV and independent witness statements, instead relying largely on information provided by police.

A parliamentary committee examining the external oversight and investigation of police corruption and misconduct has heard Victoria Police often fails to properly examine allegations of misconduct and assault, with IBAC referring the vast majority of complaints back to police.

"F***ing idiot, do you like that?"

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