Aussie store for videos / books?

are there any good martial-art stores, preferrably online, or with free catalogs?

i'm looking to buy some of Tim Cartmells stuff Passing the Guard (book) Effortless Combat Throws (video & book)

and any Judo stuff is always of interest.


in no particular order:

or if you are referring to non-australian sites, has an amazingly comprehensive collection of martial arts-related books. They are reliable. is the way to go.

Yes Amazon Rocks.

For Sydneysiders - I did a bit of recon yesterday and quite a few books I picked up from Amazon are now available in stores.

Dymocks (main one on George St) has the Royce Gracie self defence book and The Gracie Way book.

Borders in Pitt St Mall has 2 copies of JJ MAchado's Black Belt Techniques book ($60). This book is awesome and is up there with the 'Passing the Guard' for the best BJJ book on the market atm.

Books Kinokuniya (sp?) - across from Town Hall - has Renzo Gracie/J Danaher's Mastering JuJutsu book. This one is heavy on theory but light on technique. It is good.

Renzo's/Roylers book isn't in any of those stores atm but it pops up in Dymocks regularly.