austin aries/starr suspended?

in tna for 90 days?

another waste of a good talent like sabin and low-ki


dont know yet

it was on meltzers site

"Originally posted by PWInsider

Austin Starr was sent home from television on Monday and (at this point) is slated for a 90 day suspension. The reason bouncing around this afternoon among those in the company was that management was unhappy with his attitude. I was told there was no one incident that caused the decision but just a series of events. The feeling among some wrestlers that were sympathetic to Starr was that he's a pretty blunt and brutally honest person, which probably hurt him politically in the locker room. One certainly can't discount his work as he had one of the best matches on the entire Lockdown PPV against Senshi. Starr had been given something of a suspension last year after he and Roderick Strong remained and worked a Ring of Honor show during a blizzard scare after being instructed to leave New York and head to Florida. They made the show but their push as a tag team was shelved and Strong opted not to sign a new deal with the company. Starr re-debuted with the Starr moniker at Bound for Glory last October. Starr was scheduled to continue his storyline with Bob Backlund after Lockdown. Backlund was at TNA's Impact taping Monday but wasn't used. He'll be remaining with the company."

TNA is retarded...



They've been infected with WWEness.

"They've been infected with WWEness."

yet TNA isn't anywhere near to drawing money the way wwe does. Bad sign IMO

he is a serious talent they are screwing

like low ki, jay lethal, sabin etc.......

apparently, one of the series of events that caused Aries' suspension was his appearing at TNA's Fan Fest prior to the Lockdown PPV wearing a ROH t-shirt

great reason to alienate one of the most talented workers on the roster...way to go TNA!