Austin, JR, Taz & Others Tweet On CM Punk's Promo reports

Here are some tweets from talents regarding CM Punk's RAW promo, we are re-posting some that were posted earlier:

Steve Austin: @CMPunk just melted my 52 inch TV with a scorching hot, content, and of the best promos I've ever seen.

Jim Ross: Amazing feedback on @cmpunk end of Raw comments. Too many overanalyzing it. Did you like it? If so, enjoy it. Was it compelling? Yes

Taz: Punk did a great job & I always liked him when we were in wwe together and his work! But I must say... There r many of us who were NEVER pushed to the level Punk was & were NEVER allowed to shoot like that, he's lucky he was allowed to do that. But it was very strong & real!! I liked a lot! Good stuff Punk!

Colt Cabana: Colt Cabana's Trending but @CMPunk should legit trend FOREVER. Coolest thing on wrestling since 1998. Can't believe theyre gonna let'm walk

Maryse: @CMPunk for President of the United-States....

Todd Grisham: Punk came unhinged tonight. Never seen anything like it in my 8 years @WWE

MVP: @CMPunk stayed at my house saturday night & we had a very in depth convo. I haven't seen the promo. But I'm sure my friend made me proud! ...