Austin, TX starting to look like L.A


I can’t believe how Austin has changed since I was a kid especially with the homeless and drug addicts.

The left has gone insane and it’s how the entire country will look and end up under their control.

Every freak, nut, and fruit has coalesced in Austin as some liberal mecca. Like some weird alien invasion.


I thought Texas was a right-wing conservative red state?


Austin is hard blue.


Is anyone really surprised? Austin has been the premier destination for lefty idiots fleeing their liberal Meccas for years now. This is what you can expect for any city that has an overwhelmingly large liberal population.

In another ten years or so it will become entirely unlivable, and all these retards that created the mess will pack up, move to some new destination, and turn it into a shithole too.


What the leftards dont realize is that when you make your town/state homeless friendly they come from miles around, states over, and from the other side of the country and your town carries the burden of homelessness for the whole area/state/country. People travel 1,000 miles to be homeless in California.


For years? Forever. Austin has always been the most liberal city in TX. The left doesn’t want to deal with homelessness and mental illness.

This video is fear mongering pandemonium but leadership in big cities is afraid to address the real problem.

Drug addicted, mentally ill people (95% off the problem) should be put in facilities, even against their will. We need to do a 180 on Wyatt v. Stickney (1972) and Wyatt v. Aderholt (1974). These people are a danger to themselves and others.


Decriminalizing hard drug use, public drug use, not enforcing loitering and “no camping” laws, not arresting people and forcing them into a drug programs (or else go to prison), and not institutionalizing folks with institutional mental disorders, is THE EXACT RECIPE for creating the fucking mess you see that the government created.

Hmm, it’s almost like they want this…


Rogan just had the mayor on. I shit you not, the guy’s solution involves getting advice from the experts who are “solving” the homelessness problem in Portland/SF/LA. If you live in Austin the episode will absolutely crush any hope you had that the homelessness problem would be addressed. But the mayor is woke enough to remember that they’re not homeless people, they’re people experiencing homelessness. Very important distinction!


Holy fuckballs. It would seem that Austin is the cancer, and the rest of Texas will eventually fall.


if every home would just open up and take in one or two homeless… allow a couple tents in their yard

problem solved


Texas will fall because we have been under invasion externally and domestically for many years. The demographics have changed substantially and rapidly.

Unfortunately a shit ton of people here have no connection to Texas and don’t give a fuck about the culture. They would rather turn us into California.


politicians and government have no business influencing culture. culture is the responsibility of the citizens of a society, not its government.


Steve Adler/Party

Democratic Party



People also ask

What is Mayor Adler salary?

He earned a base salary of $325,000 in 2018, plus a $600 monthly “executive allowance,” a $4,500 monthly stipend for temporary housing during his first six months of employment and $1,845 a year for a cell phone.


Austin needs JIM Adler


I’m sitting at the airport in Austin after having been here a week. Subbed for comment.

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arresting these people isn’t the answer. at all. the rest of your comments are spot on.

that’s probably my favorite airport in the US. John Wayne a close second.

no crowds, good food and retail options. easy to get to a rental and back to the main gate. 15 minutes from downtown. gas close to the car return spot.

it’s just an easy place to be in, get in and out of…

and tons of hot college chicks (dudes if you’re a UGer)!


Urban camping and urban campers I thought that was the proper term