Austin, TX starting to look like L.A

Far left.

Damn. I was hoping to get my family out of California and into a place like Texas. But it may just be “out of the frying pan and into the fire.”


Don’t go to any of the big cities and Austin is by far the worst. Dallas/Ft Worth is still a great place overall imo.


modern liberalism is a cancer and a plague infecting America


One swift, violent purge would do it. Just round up and execute these fucks and then look around and see who else wants to be a junkie fuckhead. TIME TO START THE MASS KILLINGS!!!


you are the reason the left gains power.

All this pussy civilized talk. I think the most civilized thing that needs to be done anymore is pamphlets dropped on their location for 24hrs that say something like “leave or die”… then local militia comes in and kills them and all supporters dead.

Start from scratch


and the ones that leave, are they just gypsies then?

these people leave towns all the time, moving from one city to the next with good handouts and good climate. Hell, sometimes townships will just bus their homeless out to other states. No one is solving the real problem. Our system generates homeless. We dont secure our borders. We dont have a mental health care system. We dont have a workforce reintroduction system. We have a welfare system that incentivizes poverty and subjugation.


found this on the mayor:

his wife is buying land that gets depreciated by the homeless.


You can thank Regan for that one.

I haven’t looked into the origins of the homeless problems. Do they get out of control like this because the liberal mayors and governors refuse to curb it? Then it grows to a point where the problem is too big to address?

its harder to tackle when it grows to this size. if it’s spread through out the US, every town and city has a few and it’s manageable, but there was a period where big cities were just busing their homeless to other major cities and its created a migrating population. One that now appears to have settled in their cities of choice.

The huge inflow of drugs is not helping. I see a lot of young adults out here.

Its not just due to liberalism.

Once the real industry dies out things turn to shit.

A once nice city that was the HQ of Dell Computer. Now a 3rd world.

At one time Detroit and Flint were thriving cities too.

That gets repeated a lot in many circles. Where do you get that info from? I’ve never read any concrete evidence that cities bus homeless around the country

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This is overwhelmingly very true. Libs want access to goods and services and conservatives are self reliant and don’t want to be bothered.


They don’t do that in other western countries and there are a lot less homeless.

That’s why rural areas are so heavily subsidized by cities.

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Well that took about 6 seconds


Homeless numbers since 2007