Austin, TX starting to look like L.A

There are plenty of other western countries that have a far worse homeless problem than we do though. Canada, the Uk, Australia, france and Germany all have much worse problems than fhe us per capita. We arent having somekind of national crisis compared to other countries.

Our homeless problem started when we let these people out of mental institutions in the late 70s.

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Cities rely on conservative areas to produce non damaged professional and other workers. The k-12 system in most cities is a joke and the moral decay doesn’t produce healthy adults

Something has to be done with the mental illness and/or drug addicts homeless issue. It’s basically encouraged by the liberal leaders.

I haven’t looked into it but these people need to be put somewhere. You can’t have crazy mentally ill people just roaming the streets and having tent cities built wherever they want. Same with the homeless drug addicts most of whom have turned into worthless pieces of shit whose sole purpose in life is looking to steal to get their next fix.

It also brings crime and violent outbursts wherever these people go. Among many other issues.

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Give them their own city in the middle of nowhere California desert

That’s called a concentration camp

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Oh yeah…Because there is so much logging in Seattle and Portland and so much farming and cattle ranching in Austin.

GTFO troll.

Austin is not thats just one city in Texas.

It’s not just that they refuse to curb it, it’s that they facilitate and actively incentivize it. If you were a drug addict content living a vagrant lifestyle on the fringes of society and not having any responsibility to do anything, why the fuck wouldn’t you go somewhere you’ll be given free food, shelter, toilet, drugs, the right to steal from whatever store you please without consequence, etc. and have absolutely nothing asked of you in return. San Francisco is spending $5,000+/month per homeless person to give them free tents and all associated services.

Many of these cities also want to build brand new apartments for these people, often at a cost of up to $750k/unit. What drug addicted loser wouldnt want a free $700k apartment in LA that comes with free everything and zero obligations, and what developer wouldnt want to build it? The homeless industrial complex has become big business.

Having volunteered in homeless shelters, the reality is that the vast, vast majority of people who stay homeless are homeless because they have severe mental illness and/or substance abuse problems. The idea that they’re just normal people who fell on hard times is insanely ignorant…yes, that does happen sometimes but those people are actually willing and able to take advantage of all the resources available to help those people get back on their feet. But what good does a homeless shelter and job search do for people who dont want to or arent capable of doing that?

I don’t know what the solution is but what they’re doing clearly isn’t it


During the Reagan years, the far left, Democrats, and our friends at the ACLU pushed to have the laws changed so that anyone who is mentally challenged could choose to not be put into a home for them. So suddenly the floodgates opened and the streets were flooded with people who are mentally incapable of caring for themselves. What’s that situation started growing, other people who just didn’t want to work moved in with to the jungle because welfare laws were changed to keep up with the now homeless crisis

So thank the ACLU

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And this is always attributed to Reagan.

It all started during nixon and fords tenures in the 70s with wyatt stickney.

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No, you have to realize it’s the left that are creating his attitude and you will soon see it become more and more common and acceptable in polite conversation.

At least half the homeless in Hawaii aren’t even from here. Other cities give their worst chronic homeless one-way tickets to Hawaii, specifically because they can’t just catch a bus back to their city of origin. This has been proven by our own legislatures, but the ones who tried setting up programs to send them back to their home states and coordinating with their families, were called RACIST.

Racist, the fucking bullshit catch-all name to call someone when they do something rational that you don’t approve of because you’re a mind-numbed leftist fucktard.


But won’t doing that just lead to people complaining how their state budget is being “wasted” vs fixing roads or whatever other thing they think is more important? Keeping unsightly people out of sight isn’t cheap.

Using tax money to solve a problem and decrease homelessness is not wasting it. Using tax money to pay for drug addicts to freeload in a taxpayer funded tent city and increasing homelessness is wasting it.

That’s where people WANT their tax money to go. They’re like, “I pay taxes, why the fuck is there a homeless apocalypse encampment across the street from my building? Why does my child have to walk through 2 encampments to get to school? Where the fuck is my money going?”

In Hawaii they encourage homelessness and yet we have the worst 50 year old pot-holes in the country.

This is all government incentivized. Decades ago I watched the East End of Vancouver (BC) which was a shit-hole, turn into a 10X worse shit-hole when out of the blue, the government decided to not only decriminalize hard drug use there, but pass out free needles daily and even provide them with organized placed to SHOOT UP.

Can you say RETARDS? When you encourage and incentivize things, you get more of it. WHO KNEW?!?!?!


I’m pretty sure the motto for Austin has always been “keep Austin weird”.
That tells you all you need to know about the place. Pretty sad because I hear 6th Street has awesome music venues. My ex wife’s aunt lived there and they always said how fun that place was and we needed to go visit. Never did but the divide wasn’t like what we are seeing today.
I love blues music and watching live music.
They said that was one of the top places to go for that kind of entertainment but I can just about imagine how fucked shit is over there now.

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Each man is responsible for his own actions and thoughts.

lol, you actually believe that? There’s no such thing as priming, conditioning, environment, motivations and incentives? We’re all just bubbles of isolated thought and actions?

So if we decriminalized murder tomorrow, the murder rate will remain the same? Are you on drugs right this very minute?