Austin, TX starting to look like L.A

Ok give them a concentration camp

You choose the order and placement of each word in that argument. You do the same thing with the actions you take each day. You control you.

Admittedly I have only been to the touristy parts of some of those countries but if they have worse homeless problems they are much less visible. I suspect some of it comes down to how different countries count homeless.

Probably. There are also plenty of places in the US that don’t have homeless problems. Surprisingly, homelessness has remained relatively stable for the past 20 years hovering between 640k and 550k people.

In 2019, D.C. had the highest rate of homelessness per 10,000 people, followed by NY, California, Hawaii and Oregon.

Hmmm. I’m sensing a pattern here.


it appears you’ve chosen to not respond. your ability to control yourself is commendable.

So if I’m camping at business Plaza X, and police ticket me, I have 30 days to move my shit to Plaza Y? Then they give me another ticket and the 30 days starts over because it’s a different Plaza?

Ill take Homeless in Hawaii alex!

Hey slapnuts. quit talking shit about Texas.

Texas is PERECT!! Come one come all and bring your equity.

In other news. Some fucking dickhead came in from out of state to Tejas and paid 300g over asking on a house. Blowing prices up.

I have encountered a lot of people lately that are selling their houses here , just to soak up and cash out on equity. They are very smart to realize this boom and prices are not sustainable. I am going to laugh my ass off when it crashes.

Liberals/leftists/marxist commies to cities are like locusts to crops. They are invasive species.


There was a 30 day moratorium on being able to issue them tickets and an additional 30 days of not being able to arrest them/force them to leave…and I doubt they ever attempt to enforce it unfortunately.

Austin is different from Texas. However, Austin also used to be the safest, most laid back big city in Texas. The vibe has changed and the safety has definitely taken a turn for the worse. It’s not like I’m going to go out and get assaulted, but the lack of police and worthless DA that just allows felons to run free and homeless to shit everywhere has destroyed what Austin was.

Outside of Austin is still great and the Hill Country is great too, but downtown Austin makes me want to beat the shit out of “liberals”. I hate to even call them liberals because I’m pretty liberal, but these people just have no values whatsoever and don’t even stop to think about what they support.

I’ll quit ranting…bottom line Texas is great…downtown Austin liberal shithole


6th street is a no go zone now. It always used to be more of a college kid vibe there, but it’s just not safe anymore. East 6th is a better vibe now.

Keep Austin Weird is long dead and the live music in Nashville on Broadway is better and cleaner.

I hope we are at least getting to a point now where people are getting pissed off about what is happening with the city govt. It seems like the people like myself are growing and becoming more vocal with the city, but they truly live in their own world. It’s absolutely amazing how they insulate themselves and they are just lowly city council reps. I am continually baffled by it.

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Prices never crashed after the housing bubble here. It’s going to be awhile before they crash because people are only continuing to move here and space and land are limited. I’m glad I was able to get the 42 acres in Elgin that I bought late last year. Now…if I could only build out there for a reasonable price lol

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Of course I do. But the order and placement and even which language I’m using is influenced by outside forces and motivations. If you motivate people south of the border to crash our border, guess what? They will. If you have no consequences for bad life choices, daily crime, and sleeping in parks or under an overpass, you’ll get more of it.

In other words, other things control you too. If every time someone slept in the park the cops came by and roasted them with a flame thrower, do you think it would influence people not to sleep in the park? Of course it would. I deal with the homeless daily, and contrary to what people like to think, they are HIGHLY influenced by motivational forces.

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Bravo on the strawman. Texan Homeless Brisket, get me a plate!

It’s nice to see you choose to continue this conversation. Or were you compelled by my ignorance to your truth?

Actually I thought your points were too fucking stupid to bother addressing but I thought I’d be nice. However, you have
since motivated me not to be nice.

I wonder at which point in the future you will choose to cease engaging me. It appears to be out of your control. Are you ok? Do you need help? Respond to this post if you are in danger!

Since you believe you are not responsible for the actions you take, I can’t blame you for choosing to not be nice to me.