Austin, TX starting to look like L.A

Rogan calls Austin amazing compared to L.A. So I can’t imagine how bad L.A. has gotten.

You realize you’re responding too, RIGHT?!

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You’re talking about a millionaires perspective. He can also smoke tons of weed without fear of reprisal. Average people go to prison in Texas for that.

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Yes, but I understand it’s my choice. I can choose to ignore him, but I prefer to make him look like a complete tool.

I completely own my actions. I am doing this.

Do you see? The discussion isn’t about who responds last, but the purpose and reasons the actions occurred in the first place. He believes when he posts, it is because of other factors. I accept my decision to post and act accordingly. No one is forcing me to post these comments.

It’s been steers and queers as long as I can remember.
The liberal bastion of Texas.

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Leftism is a locust swarm of stupidity that promulgates like an invasion, leaves everything destroyed, and then destroys itself while blaming everything else in sight.


And yet you respond every time. If it’s your choice I suppose it’s his as well.

Jesus Christ. In California, dr Drew Pinsky has told locals that he will help the local city for free when it comes to the drug problem. The committee has completely rejected his help numerous times. This is so bizarre as it does seem like they don’t want to even try to fix the drug or homelessness issue

I just can’t see their long term strategy here. Do they think it will fix itself in its own?

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I don’t see no horns.

Because they ruin everything they touch with either piss poor decision making, malicious motives, willful ignorance, or any and all the above.


There’s too much money being generated by the state for politicians to care. Californians leaving the state, Homelessness, nightmare traffic, etc. People flock here in droves regardless of the high cost of living. We generate more money than most countries. Until that changes nothing will be done about the wealth gap

Can someone explain to me how you can have a slogan like “Keep Austin Weird” yet expect order and not inevitable chaos? What do you think you are promoting and advertising with keeping it weird? Do you think it will attract a neighborhood culture like leave it to Beaver or will druggies be sleeping on pavement?
Slippery slope arguments exist bc it’s a real thing. The majority People who keep it weird don’t tend to take care of themselves , are lazy slobs, and devalue everything they touch .

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Austin used to be the only truly liberal spot in Texas. That’s changed but they’ve continued moving further and further left similar to LA, San Fran, NYC, etc… It’s caught up to them now. You can only “woke” so much before it comes back to haunt you.

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Austin has gone hard left freakish levels of liberal. 100% turned into California.

This is what the Democrat party is now. And it’s what they want to turn the rest of Texas and the US into if given the chance.

Not surprisingly, Portland also has a “Keep Portland Weird” motto.

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I guess the rest of Texas should be thanking Austin and encouraging it hahaha. Let it be the liberal shithole it is with crime and homelessness and leave the rest of Texas alone!

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A good example to point to

Also, 6th street has changed drastically in a bad way. We used to go party there and it was fun and clean.

Now it’s a burning trash heap. Garbage everywhere, dangerous, ghetto as fuck. Nothing like I remember it.

Source? Calling bullshit On Australia. I’ve never had to cross the road for a tent in my life anywhere here.

Another beautiful city ruined by liberal scumbags.

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