austin/vince 2 = punk/steph

if there is any rehashing of a story line where they want the employee vs boss angle... then could legit do it in a newer rendition with steph vs punk ... considering since day one she was against his signing, and has never gone to bat for punk

it could work.
but the E would still fuck it up

What is he going to do, spray her down with a Pepsi truck?

johnnypayne - What is he going to do, spray her down with a Pepsi truck?

I lol'd. Phone Post

That would actually be pretty awesome if he sprayed her with a Pepsi truck.

DSaint -  HHH better not let Punk hang around Steph too much. Punk has stuck his dick in every female who's ever been within 20 feet of him (and around half the men!).

No pot, but fucking dudes is allowed in straight edge? I'll stay a drunk.

I hope that Steph and Punk both get buried by Triple H. Hopefully we can see see the Game back to peak form Super Triple H from around 2003 was probably the greatest character. Over with crowd- Nope. Big Draw- No. Hard worker- Not really. Burying everyone else who was over- Absolutely.

But seriously, after watching Raw last night, they will screw up this angle somehow.

Not steph, let HHH play the bad guy on this one. steph fucking sucks.