Australasian UFC

Hey all,

I was just wondering what ever happened to the Australasian UFC after there first show?

I just watched it recently and it had good fighters such as Mario Sperry, Elvis Sinosic, Chris Haseman and a very young Vernon White. It had a good crowd with the commentators saying if had 5000 people and most importatnly it had very good birds!

It seems the promoter was on the right track but I want to know what happened.


Got sued for the name and went broke, that's why the tape is called caged combat.

Aside: When it was on they had a few of the fighters and trainers on abc radio I think, along with some dickhead karate guy putting the sport down.

Thats not what I heard . True they were asked to change the name . As far as i know it didnt send them broke and that wasnt the reason they stopped .

I heard that the second caged combat was in the works (and that is supoorted by adds in blitz at the time) but someone close to the owner (Randy Babble) passed away . Cant remember who it was , wife or business partner or someone close to him and that why he pulled out .

Maybe someone can verify some of this . Not sure who's right , thats just what i remember reading


Can you shed any light on this?

I may be wrong, but I believe the promoter of the event also put on the show Australian Vale Tudo Open, which Elvis Sinosic fought in.

From what I hear the promoter recorded footage of that event, but he disappeared & never released a tape.


Really don't know what happened to Randy. He did the first show, Aussie UFC, renamed to Caged Combat for release. He then really cut corners with Aussie Vale Tudo Open. He never released footage from that show. Apparently he owed lots of money. There was a Caged Combat II planned for Queensland (I was scheduled to fight on the show), but it never eventuated and Randy disappeared.


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