Australia Covid Deaths vs Vaccine Deaths

Note this data is directly from the TGA database of adverse reactions to medicines

Ok, but devils advocate - there’s 20million + that have been vaccinated

Which informs the vaccine is extremely safe compared to covid which itself is fuck all

That is 100% valid. I got both jabs, got covid and will likely still get booster.

I just think it’s curious how one is constantly reported. One is not at all

Have a look at the breakdown of different areas of Australia. There’s some massive differences between those with closed borders and open borders. Also the death differences between those with mask mandates and higher vaccination rates.

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I feel like the closed boarders was the key variable in that equation. Maintaining covid zero would strongly influence those numbers

WA had zero Covid for a year and a half or some shit by closing borders

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Had similar where I live. Went from high covid numbers to zero in a few months, opened up again and within a month they shot up. It’ll only work if each area does it, the neighbouring provinces managed it also but it’s a massive tourist destination so eventually opened up to the rich from Manila etc.

A negative test was required and still zero numbers, just before xmas they opened up to anyone with a vax certificate and the brown stuff hit the fan, cases getting out of control again due to omicron.

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