Australia Cup

The Australia Cup JiuJitsu Competition will be held on Saturday 24th April 2004.

The Venue is the White Horse Aquatic Centre.

All Enquiries to John Donehue on 0395684999

or go to Extreme Web site at

Looking forward to seeing some great action on the mat!

Man , I can't believe I'm go to miss this , I have a f*cking family luncheon crap organised for that saturday ....

maybe i can call in sick .

Does anyone know what schools are competing besides extreme and machado ?

Ground Zero will be sending a team

Dutch ,

Are Ground Zero under Peter De Been or completly seperate ?

Aaron - we aren't a PDB club/affilliate but are part of the AFBJJ. That said, we'll also be competing in the Victoria State Championships on May the 1st (as per usual) and Pan Pacs at the end of the year.

BTW last year we (as a team) came 2nd to the JJ Cup hosts... wonder how we'll do this year...

Cool ...Hope you guys do well


This is great to see, but letting everyone know 2 and a half weeks before the comp is a bit rough.
Especially seeing that it's the "Australia Cup".

Cam: the competition was initially advertised some time ago (months), was posted on the Ozgrapple calendar before March, is in it's fifth year and has been discussed on some threads on this forum in recent weeks.

Come on you're just playing those pre-competition mind tricks with the rest of us ain't you?

oohhh really, must keep a better lookout next time.
mind tricks....why, you worried ;)

Jason, you ever estimate me if you think I play mind tricks...

Ben must learn to resist the Machado Coward mind tricks if you're going survive the Australian BJJ competition scene.

Feel free to ask and I'll gladly share with you some of the more effective techniques one may employ in defense against the M-Side.

I apologise for posting the details late.

But from experience of past Australia Cup and other AJJGA events/competitions it would not matter if I posted two months or two years before the event, those who wish to compete and support open tournaments will attend and those who dont want to step out of their front yard wont.

Guys, John and I try to run events with two goals, maximize participation in safe and fair competition and minimize politics.

Every one is welcome to participate, all we can promise is a well run tournament with fair refereeing.

We are coming from Perth

Hi Larry,

I was not trying to insinuate that you were playing games by letting us know so close to the date.

I realise that you are a fair and politically free martial artist.
Just saying that those who will want to go in the comp
may feel a little under prepared .

good luck to all who compete


'you ever estimate me if you think I play mind tricks... '

Nice work Cam!


Such word-smithery is frightning to behold (if it was planned else duh!)


I had a look thru the rules & entry forms etc. Regarding the rules (Illegal Techniques):

"No biting. No hair pulling. No attacking fingers. No hand/fingers inside Gi cuffs. No knee bars or ankle locks for white to purple belts. No twisting locks to knees or ankles. No stopping/stalling for more than 30 seconds. No wrestling shoes."

Not that I'm a Purple Belt, but I noticed the Purples and Browns are combined: so does that mean within that combined division only certain techniques can be employed against particulat opponents (e.g., Brown vs. Purple)?

I'd like to confirm your understanding re neck-cranks.

1. Are they A/ Illegal, B/ able to be used in specific circumstances (e.g., when passing guard) or C/ legal; and

2. If B above applies, how what happens when someone taps out when a neck crank is applied? Surely they shouldn't be punished for their opponent's inappropriate use of technique?

And ttt for the start of my competition year!


I may have typed that reply a little too quickly Jason, and I'm thinkin that I didn't proof read.....
Me type bad inglish, that's unpossible!