Australia Locking Down?

That came on at full volume and sounded like porn lol

Won’t happen in the western provinces.

That ad is a lie. COVID affects olds and fats.

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Damned right.

It makes sense to be dishonest about how Covid 19 will affect people on an individual basis. Yeah ok.

I must admit - Australia DID just report its first locally contracted COVID-19 death OF THE YEAR on Sunday.
That’s one death in 7 months, within a tiny pool of 26 million people. The victim was cut down in her prime (she was 90- had her whole life ahead of her).
Will humanity survive this scourge!?
HINT: Perhaps we take a deep breath and absorb that statistic. It’s a fact vs media frenzy and political posturing.
I understand it’s unpopular to use data in the environment of fear mongering and hysteria.
But facts don’t care about our feelings, hyperbole or imagination
They’re just facts.


Fuck off.