Fair enough mate but it’s our fight not theirs.

I don’t expect a pensioner to fight my battles they’ve put in the hard yards already.

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People from this generation exist with a frame of reference where the people in authority tended to be the same people from their communities who held the same values they did. While likely still self serving, decision making was in the interest of the general good and there were consequences for people who were caught acting corruptly or incompetently. They trusted the institutions and leaders of those institutions to do the right thing more often than not.

If you live in any of the western liberal democracies now you are basically living in a managerial state. The people running the show do not think beyond their own personal interests. They do not share your values at all and in many cases despise you for them. There are no consequences for incompetence or corruption if they have kissed the right asses along the way and have the right connections in the right places. All the institutions have been subverted from within by people like this, and they have authority by default. The trust in them is eroding rapidly, and its being replaced now with regulations and intentional force being directed towards its own citizens to maintain that power.

All western democracies are rapidly heading towards full blown anarcho-tyranny now, and you are already seeing this in large cities in particular. The old timers dont see it, and the boomers are too busy spending themselves and the next 5 generations into oblivion to even care. Boomers fell in love with their own legends while they destroyed local industry, printed money and ran up enormous amounts of debt in the process while they tried to play God with their social engineering.

There is going to be a reckoning, and sadly what I think that will be is the gradual removal of any and all liberty we took for granted for so long. The reaction to this virus is a perfect example of that


Szeps did a pretty good explanation of the uproar over the rounding up of aboriginal tribes and “forcing” them. Into camps. Lots of nuance in that issue as they are “vulnerable”.
Referring to people on the ground, I’m in Sydney, I’m actually located where the original outbreak happened in Feb 2020. The Dorothy Henderson respite facility where a lot of elderly were dying in the initial outbreak. I saw my business drop 80%overnight.
However, I’ve worked virtually every day since this shit show started. Opened my business and traded thru as I’m a food retailer. I’ve seen the move to take away only, I’ve seen the traffic numbers rise and fall. I’ve been forced. To wear a mask where it’s impossible not to. I held. Off getting the jab til they made it impossible to go to work.
I’ve dealt with police coming into my business multiple times a week asking the same questions. I’ve been fined in the initial months where customers were sitting too close, cost me $1k.
So yeah, I’m. On the ground, and my movements haven’t been restricted, I’ve gone about my business as normal. Maybe I’m luckier than others, but reading the “viewpoints” from people overseas about how authoritarian it is here, when I live it each day makes me think it’s a little overblown.
Sure, the govt has overreacted in some places, but that’s govt doing stupid shit without full information.


And here I thought you were just a pretty face.

Agreed in that regard.

I just expected them to be more aware of the world happening around them . The one they helped shape for the future generations. I’m not blaming anyone. But I empathise with the our children and theirs going forward.
I don’t give a fuck if they wear their pants backwards. I just hope they have the freedom to live.
I’m blown away by their ignorance and nievity.
I thought they would be more on the ball than all of us.

Best post I’ve read all year for sure. Probably of all time.
Laid it out better than I could have for sure.
It’s funny how they no longer are worried about the national debt.
Anyway. I’ve had my gripe. I hope they enjoy their retirement years. But I’m disappointed man. Who I thought were people I thought I should look up to all my life , it has dawned on me that they’re mostly righteous, dogmatic, shit for brain’s .
I feel like a kid that just found out that Santa isn’t real and an idiot for not realising sooner. The jokes on me.

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Quasimodo predicted all of this.


its not just corporate elites.

media personnel
80% of hollywood
and every pedo on the planet.

all deserve their heads lopped off.


No, he didn’t. Australians have simply convinced themselves this is such a complex issue and these people so vulnerable that no one outside of Australia can possibly understand the situation. Ultimately, all Szepps and you are saying is it’s okay to place thousands of free people in camps, regardless of whether they want to be there There is no reasonable circumstance where this would be justifiable. Not even if COVID were 1,000 times worse than it is. Not if the world were ending. You cannot deprive people of their liberty in the name of safety. More specifically, you cannot kidnap thousands of people and confine them because of COVID. Not without being demagogic. You have been culturally indoctrinated to accept it.


I really wish other tennis players had the courage to boycott in protest to what is going on there.


The Sopranos Hbo GIF

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firstly, u make it seem like people are being imprisoned in the quarantine camps forever. with no hope of escaping. the quarantine camps spread out over thousands of hotels, mining accomodation sites, across australia are used to house incoming travellers, those that have tested positive or those that are close contacts (with no alternative accomodation). i know of many examples of actual people i met that stayed at the “quarantine camps”. one was a student at a local uni. he was staying on campus at the student accomodation as he lived interstate. one of the residents on his level tested positive. the facitlity couldnt properly isolate the residents as they lived in a shared accomodation setting with communal kitchen, shared living facitlities. so theymoved all the students to the meriton serviced apartments which are usually $200 a day, but had been repurposed by the govt to house covid cases. he stayed for 2 weeks, allpaid for, with 3 meals a day. he had a suite that was 2 levels, free wifi, free netflix.
your argument that people dont want to be there. thats a given. but for many, especially incoming travellers, forgoing 2 weeks quarantine during a global pandemic is a small price to pay to return to your country. you then state there is no reasonable circumstance where it is justifiable. as szeps mentioned, the aboriginal community which could have been potentially wiped out if covid got a foothold in their tribe would seem like a logical case in point where isolating them , at the mutual agreeement of the elders, would be justified.
you continually use strong and incendiary language like “kidnap” and “confine” . i agree that being taken away to a quarantine camp is a shitty thing to happen, but dont for a second believe that its happening en masse. you continually use “thousands” like its the majority of our population that is being carted off, hauled away in the cattle trains never to be seen again. thats not the case at all. its a matter of understanding scale and the overall numbers. the majority of people that test positive, they self isolate in their homes. during the peak of the pandemic, those that tested positive and had to stop work could apply online for the govt “pandemic relief payment”. it was a $750 a week govt payment simply for not being able to go to work. there was also a carers payment, if u had to look after a person that was covid positive.
ill finish off by saying that i have not once gone off to get a pcr test, in fact, i havent even been sick except for a few days recently over xmas. i woke up and had aches across my back, fogginess of the head and general malaise. this was most likely omicrom. i took a rapid antigen test that my brother gave to me, and perhaps i didnt shove it far enough up my nose, but it came back negative. i shrugged, took a few vitamin c and cold and flu tablets and continued going to work. the symptons lasted about 2 , maybe 3 days. no worse than when i had a cold in previous years.
my experience with the authoritarian regime has been basically non existent, i dont go to the protests, i try to run my business with the least fanfare or disrupption as possible, and while my overall turnover has been down the past 2 years, ive done well personally due to the inflationary pressures on home prices and my investment in shares. i cant complain

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so much nonsense it’s unreal


This is what you guys get for having kangaroos.

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picard too long didnt read GIF


No, there is no reasonable justification to kidnap and confine people against their will. The time frame is 100% irrelevant, even if it were for10 minutes. The amount of people confined against their will is also irrelevant, although thousands is an accurate generalization.

There is exactly zero representative data indicating entire aboriginal populations were at risk of being wiped out. That’s absolute bananas. Nor is there a single rational or reasonable justification within that giant wall of text (really hard to read that man).


But this guy says it is so comfy!


No one is being kidnapped. The justification the govt uses is that if u are a returning overseas traveller, then u need to. Quarantine at a hotel designated by the govt for 2 weeks.
If you are a close.contact or have tested positive and have no means to safely isolate. Then the govt puts u in the hotels setup for those purposes.

Covid managed to infect a base station in Antarctica. Why wouldn’t it make its way to a remote tribal community where the inhabitants have no medicine and.are vaccine hesitant.

“Remote WA Aboriginal community on high alert with COVID-19 detected in wastewater over SA border - ABC News” Remote WA Aboriginal community on high alert with COVID-19 detected in wastewater over SA border - ABC News

I guess if you were in charge of health in the govt then u wouldn’t bother with the optics of allowing surviving indigenous peoples to be affected by a virus that could potentially wipe them out. Could it? Maybe not, who knows, but do u want to be in charge if it does?

As far as the wall of text, apologies, I was just trying to get my ideas down. I guess my on the ground experience and opinions don’t matter. It’s not like I don’t serve literally hundreds of customers each week and chat with them about how covid has affected them, in Australia

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