Same cucks that are struggling with myocarditis or have died.

Same cucks that drive around with their masks on…on their own and believe everything aussie msm tells them…


We miss your valued input…



Precautionary Windows up too just in case

Utterly ridiculous right.

Everyone knows its getting in via the vents.

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Australia is owned by China

Yeh fuck you too cunt! Right up the clacker. Raw!

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We’ve already done this … although maybe it was another thread.
‘Bank Australia’ sounds like some big institution given the name, but in reality they are a small boutique bank that specializes in ‘green business’ as a marketing strategy to differentiate themselves.
Bank Australia are worth about $7billion total.

Australia’s big 4 banks (CBA, ANZ, NAB, Westpac) are each worth approx. $800B to $1T and don’t give a shit about any of that stuff.


Unfortunately, I doubt it stops with this bank.


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Large lending institutions are going to follow some bank ive never heard of in 4 decades in this CUNTry?

Dont believe the hype, i had to catch a train to dinner Friday night and there was announcements and signs reminding us that masks were compulsory yet not one non asian (and all the aussue Asians) was wearing a mask.

Wife visited a colleague in the maternity ward Sunday, no vaxx passport just a “you vaxxed?” From the nurse to which she lied and went in.

We are a nation of half asses

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It’s our greatest strength


It’s not about a specific bank, it’s about a globalist agenda.

Australia has taken a lead, especially regarding the Covid tyranny, hence the thread.

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So some tin pot bank was the first to move on the globalist agenda?

Not saying there isnt a globalist agenda but just that the objective facts dont support this being part of it

Youre less than ten percent behind us in vaccination rates and have a population of 320m vs 26m

225m of you are fully vaxxed

Objective facts


Hey amerfags cat got your tongue???


Most people are giving Australia more credit than comparing it to third world shitholes.

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U wot m8? youre forgetting that Mr International here probably went to Bali once for a piss up he cant remember but he knows his shit!

Other banks are definitely not doing this. I can still claim a combustion engine vehicle’s purchase value back in my tax and the Federal government is still tendering out long term contracts for combustion engines also. Our government sucks a bag of cocks but there’s still options available currently.