I thought the same thing. What kind of male (won’t call him a man) thinks being locked up as some sort of house kitten is a good thing? What a fucking loser…


Yeah, less than 1200 have died in Australia full stop

Most people can’t think for themselves, I think a lot of people really enjoy the government telling them what to do. Less to think about for their simple minds I guess. I don’t fucking get it. Lol “awesome” to be locked up in your own home, forcefully.


this right here

the ability to critical think is over, most people want the govt to tell them what to do


And what makes you clowns think you know more on this topic than actual medical experts?

Calculate that by the old news fact that only approx 6% (whatever the exact small figure is now) are rona only deaths and the vast majority are over 70 and have multiple co morbidity etc etc etc etc etc

It’s absolutely beyond anything I ever imagined possible that Anyone could still follow the plague narrative! Fucking pure insanity


But he gets to do the Seks bro!!
And he doesn’t have to interact with the big scary world on his way to his government bot factory job

Do you even know how many misogynist’s are roaming the streets these days?
It’s fucking terrifying

‘Informed in very short order’ hehe


He has two dads you homo

Lol this is almost satire. I claim to be an expert in nothing, it’s still my body my choice. The “experts” can lock themselves down, vaccinate over and over, the second you force that shit on others is when it becomes authoritarian garbage.


So in your world kids would still get polio or smallpox. Brilliant thinking.

In my world people like you don’t exist


In my world people like you don’t matter.

Funny, thats what the govt says about us.

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Covid isn’t smallpox, no where in the same league. Please explain the long term effects of the covid vaccine? It’s ok to leave the Democratic Party, you owe these people nothing.


Why bother, you’re not an expert and you dismiss the advice of experts. You don’t care about evidence because you’re a contrarian.

Well damn I’m upset.
Please teach me how to blindly conform to insanity, I so badly want to blend in with the heard


I will say to the other Australians on this thread.

That I’m not impressed that the government are virtually going to mandate this vaccine through simply locking people out of public venues and what not. That’s bullshit.

I’m not getting the vaccine. Lock me out, I’ll
still get by.

To the rest of you muppets, I really couldn’t give a fuck about your opinion if your not from Australia.


its crazy how weak and stupid most people are



sometimes I feel like Im the crazy one. So many subverted souls begging to be on the govt dole.

I read the local online news forums and my jaw drops at the insanity.

hers just one example:

"At then end of the day the antivaxxers will slowly but surely win the coveted Darwin Award and their genes and misguided fears will be erased from our society. Many years from now, we’ll look back on this and say ‘we told them, they didn’t listen, they got what they had coming because they made their own choice. Ill call it a cull of the idiots.

When they’re dying alone from this variant or the next, or the next, or the next, maybe they’ll have a little bit of time to reflect on if they should have made a different choice."

people are fucking INSANE.