its crazy how weak and stupid most people are



sometimes I feel like Im the crazy one. So many subverted souls begging to be on the govt dole.

I read the local online news forums and my jaw drops at the insanity.

hers just one example:

"At then end of the day the antivaxxers will slowly but surely win the coveted Darwin Award and their genes and misguided fears will be erased from our society. Many years from now, we’ll look back on this and say ‘we told them, they didn’t listen, they got what they had coming because they made their own choice. Ill call it a cull of the idiots.

When they’re dying alone from this variant or the next, or the next, or the next, maybe they’ll have a little bit of time to reflect on if they should have made a different choice."

people are fucking INSANE.


right now the narrative in BC is that the unvaxed are the problem and that ICU beds are overwhelmed with unvaxed assholes.

current map of ICU beds occupied in BC

absolutely subverted people.

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Thread makes an for an interesting read. It shouldn’t take people from the US to point out how retarded a fraction of our population are in regards to lockdowns and rights infringements (people from WA). The attitude of its not happening here so fuck the other states is what will actually set the country back when it comes to moving forward and getting over this godly fear of the Chinese sniffles

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what is the source for this please?

Then you double mask up, hide in your closet the next 6 years and only leave to get your fucking 85 boosters shots in that time.


Which experts you dipshit? There are TONS of “experts” that are against the government / big pharma narrative. I assume you’re not talking about those experts. Fucking sheep.


The CDC and other similar groups including medical associations for right around the globe.
A few people on the fringes are not “tons”.

Seriously, only morons use the word “sheep” in an argument.

Is that the same CDC that knowingly infected black people with syphilis under the guise of free healthcare?


Or the same cdc/doctors that said they support rioting for scumbag fentanyl Floyd but not American citizens protesting unconditional lockdowns? These fucks have shown so much political bias that they’ll never be believed again. Fucking sheep.


@RJJH let me know the source for that image please I really want to use it!

according to this link, this chart is from April 2020


Shit is going off in Melbourne




Wouldn’t upset me at all to learn of those coppers having their homes burnt to the ground and their families being made to suffer for their tyrannical sins.


Absolutely. Preferably while they’re inside

Exactly. The moment they said the BLM riots and protests didn’t spread Covid, their credibility went up in flames.


Time to rid the government of its commies