I dug into that video. The actual clip is from ABC news, which is the Australian Broadcasting Corp and paid for by tax payers. The clip shared had been cut by 3-4 mins, it’s actually a debunking video where they tracked down the actors these people were accused of being when you watch the full thing. It was intentionally presented out of context

This is misinformation sadly.


good to see aussies waking up and taking the fight to the govt. Its time to crack skulls wide open

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Police spent half a million to shut down the whole city perimeter and shut down all public transport.

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what in the actual fuck? are these people robots? how do you do it because of “orders” and not walk off the job and join the resistance.

this world is bonkers.


Love to see it

Yep any cops or military that go along and enforce this shit are evil and the enemy and should be shot on site.


Oh but she’s just another quack according to herminator, prof and the other fucktards.

Thanks for that!

It surprises me that this surprises you. Police are like this everywhere. They are not on your side, they are on the side of the government. And if the government decides you are the enemy then the police will crack down on you ruthlessly with no hesitation.


“There is no law so obscene that the police would not be willing to enforce it, up to and including the mass execution of innocent children.” – Michael Malice

I used to think Malice was wrong about this. I don’t anymore.


The fact that a 70+ year old woman was slung to the ground and pepper sprayed by 2 officers is proof the Aussies made a huge mistake giving up their guns.

When the government gets violent and tyrannical, the people should get even more violent.

Government officials who perpetuate such acts should be fearing for their lives right now.

At least Australia is providing great support for Americans’ 2nd Amendment.

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No food for the unvacced I say

Nick Holt (@Nicjournalist) Tweeted:
Name and badge number please. https://twitter.com/Nicjournalist/status/1439171472535146503/video/1 https://twitter.com/Nicjournalist/status/1439171472535146503?s=20

Damn it, I hate Twitter and can’t figure out how to embed this tweet. Anyone who knows how to do this please embed this so it shows another video of Oz police behaviour.

Here’s the embed, but FYI, this is an old video. It’s from 2018.


This podcast gives a pretty decent summary, but it ignores the civil unrest that is starting to rise up.