Australian Bar Dunks on "Social Influencer"


The venue in question is the Bulletin Place Bar, a gorgeous place in Sydney, Australia. Opened in 2012, it's a bar started by bartenders and is now one of the most awarded bars in Australia and known globally.

Between the fantastic food, mixologist-invented drinks and the super friendly staff, it's also got a huge online following. Over 8,500 people follow the bar, and their comment section and online reviews glow brighter than an Aussie sunset.
So, while they've got no shortage of fans, they definitely need less like this "influencer" – a dude named Jarra Sherlock.
Previously known as @jarra_sherlock12 on Instagram, he's had to change his name and profile photo several times since his request, because he's getting the shit kicked out of him online.
The story starts very simply; like every other influencer out there, he decided to ask for a freebie, with the promise that he'd promote the bar to his followers.

The bar did what everyone should do when a leech comes a calling; told him to pound the pavement.




At first, it seems like a genuine request. He starts with a compliment, and the bar responds positively.
Having worked in the marketing game before doing this gig, I know that it's always nice to ask a venue/brand for permission for a shout out. They either might not be looking for the extra exposure or have other marketing channels in place that they're using.

But then, the kid ruins it.


So, while the bar could have been a little more chill in their response, this is Australia we're talking about and a simple "Nah, bro" is polite enough. Plus, I can imagine that this isn't the first merry-go round for the Bulletin Bar, when it comes to influencers.
Jarra, though, wasn't having it. So he offers this childish response.





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Bulletin wasn't buying that, though, so they fired with both barrels and a bottle of Fosters. It's still a tame response though. I've been cussed out by an Aussie before, and it gets rough.

So, now, poor little Jarra plays the victim and lashes out like an angry little, passive-aggressive dick.
The Bulletin Bar wasn't feeling it though, so they posted the exchange online and even changed their bio.
Now all 8,500 people, supposedly in Jarra's backyard of Sydney, now know he's a greedy little wanker. All from a little bar, that no one even knows about.
Hey bro, I live in Canada and I now know that a) this bar is definitely on my list of places to visit in Australia and b) you're a lil' bitch.



If in the title of what you do as a source of income is the word 'Influencer', well,, you can just fuck right off. 

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Nobody cares bro 

hen, he changed his name and profile picture several times. Now, you might be thinking that perhaps the bar staff and the people of Instagram were being too hard on him. Maybe, but think about that before you DM someone with an idiotic question and entitled rant.

But the story gets better. Not only does he then admit that he was hacked (yeah, sure bud), some internet sleuths found that his follower count of 37k, only had 52% real people. The rest were bot accounts that he paid for.

Now that boils my blood. This kid, and all the other influencers, buy the audience and essentially run a long con on their legit followers. Nice.



So, now, we're here. He's getting ripped apart in the comments, he's claiming that he's the victim, it's all a "misunderstanding," and is going to shut down his instagram because his 'career' is ruined. How about you get a job, in a bar maybe, and get some life experience.

Also, maybe don't be an entitled asshat next time.

Cockwomble might be my new favorite insult


lol...his "career" is ruined? what career?

angryinch - lol...his "career" is ruined? what career?

Hustling free drinks from bars

Chimonos Revenge - Cockwomble might be my new favorite insult

For real.



Al Cappucino - 
Chimonos Revenge - Cockwomble might be my new favorite insult

For real.



I don't know what the fuck it means, but it has a nice ring to it

Wonder how many followers the kid had. 

Fuck anyone like that that asks for free shit from people who are probably running themselves into the ground and dealing with difficult financial situations to get their dreams off the ground.  

There are legitimate marketing relationships, which 99.9% of these self titled influencers can't deliver on.  



I request my sn be changed to cockwomble lol

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