Australian fight pass subscribers

Sir Psycho Sexy -
Rabid Bunyip - I don't have Fight Pass.

Watched the event live on Fuel TV. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah, every event is live on fox in Aus. Fight pass not needed. Phone Post 3.0
I don't think every fight is.
Happy to provide examples on future cards. Phone Post 3.0

Fightpass breaches Australian consumer laws.
For example: the Aus ufc website links to this:
Watch exclusive LIVE UFC Fight Nights™, available only on UFC Fight Pass™.

There are plenty of other examples.

Illegal advertising in Australia is an offence.

Should the ACCC review the UFCs AUS Fightpass practices, despite having some disclaimers here and there but not always present or misleading in some circumstances, they would find that the UFC are in sizeable breach. Phone Post 3.0