Australian Ju-jitsu Federation Inc

Does anybody know what this group are up to during 2005, specifically with respect to NCAS Accreditation courses? I haven't heard anything since some correspondance mid-2004 and recent attempts to email the same have bounced.

AJJF have BJJ Accreditation.  Last year Machado Australia joined the association and began accrediting it's first instructors.  We're also organising for the NSW BJJ Federation to join the Federation, this would allow all members of the NSW Federation access to the course.  All that would be required would be for your association to join the AJJF and the accreditation courses would be made available to you.

It's all just a matter of time and organisation to get everything into place.  I think it would be great if the AFBJJ also joined the Federation opening up accreditation for all it's affiliate schools.  Hopefully we can keep working towards this.



Good work Elvis. There is definately a lot to be said for some structure around Accreditation of BJJ Instructors, hense I/we have tried to get the ball rolling down South. It is just that the process has (seemingly) stalled...

that's great, this was part of what i was asking in a previous thread from last year.

Last time I talked with the pres of the AJF, they were still in the process of approving their accreditation with the ASC which was under review.