Australian politician bank account seized for not standing strong enough with Ukraine and Covid

Yeah that sounds like a totally legit story.
I agree, the story is bullshit.

Yep, this shit is dystopian


Its getting bad

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Yup more tyranical as the days go.

Going to go out on a limb and guess if we’re talking about the same guy then this is all shenanigans.
He’s a ‘I can help you get rich’ training course salesman that runs his own courses and also brings out and aligns himself with US based people doing the same.
He started a now defunct political party with the same name as his sales company for what looked like promotion. He’s not considered a politician, or a political activist. He’s considered a salesman that’s been investigated a number of times and has been forced to pay back investors on schemes.
Going to guess that if his accounts were shut it was for financial funny business the bank didn’t want to be associated with, rather than the idea he’s some dangerous activist … no one knows who the fuck he is.

I know who he is because he brought out Arnold Schwarzenegger for a speaking tour so I went … and had to sit through hours of sales pitches for get rich quick bullshit before Arnie took the stage lol


Source? im on a foreign based VPN and cant find shit for this

It’s been posted.

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There is no source and theres a reason you can’t find anything else on the net.
He’s posting gibberish from conspiracy click bait websites disguising themselves as news sites.
‘The London Times’ is not The Times newspaper in London but a website made to fool people into thinking so. And then the sites are reprinted under different real sounding website names and they cross reference each other as if that makes them more news worthy.


The chances of the Aussie left media letting this slip through to the keeper given its election year? Lol